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    "Busy Area"

    I fell for it once, I had a ride take me about 20 miles out of the metro. I drop off and it says I'm in a busy area. Well do I wait or deadhead back. I wait a bit and get a ping that is another 5 miles out, wtf I'm already out here. Got lucky, that ride took me back into Minneapolis where I...
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    "Busy Area"

    Happens all the time. It's almost like Uber just wants you to stay in the area because no other drivers are close...just in case that one person needs a ride home from Walmart.
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    New license plates after accident

    Thank you!
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    New license plates after accident

    I was in an accident a couple weeks ago, woman made a left turn into the front of my vehicle....was not online at the time. The dashcam video saved my ass though. She got a lawyer and claimed I t-boned her going through a red light. Her insurance claimed full liability after seeing the video...
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    180 Days of Change: A better ratings experience

    I asked a similar question here https://uberpeople.net/threads/wheres-the-rider-feedback-for-a-5-star.305841/ after receiving 2- 1* in about a 10 day period. Uber doesn't tell you anything. They should at least provide the reason that was clicked...I don't even know if a rider has to give a...
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    Where's the rider feedback for a < 5 Star?

    I know, stars don't mean jack. I'm still a noob though so I'm slightly annoyed with my first 1 star. The rider has to have had to give a reason so why doesn't Uber let you know? I only have 183 trips, 108 - 5 Star, 5 - 4*, 1 -3* and tonight a 1 star shows up. 4.90
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    MSP Idiocy

    I guess I'm smarter than the average noob. I won't even go to the airport unless I get a drop off there. Then I check the q and if it's over 20 I just drive back to St Paul or over by MOA. Even when the q has been at 20 there are a pile of cars there. I think some guys just use it as a hang...
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    Airport trips

    I really only drive during rush hour after my regular job. I check the queue after a drop off. If it's under 30 I'll head there, twice I've gotten instant pings when arriving in the lot. Most of the time it's about 10 minutes. The airport is busy at that time in general though. I haven't gone...
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    Once again, many thanks to those on UP! Saved me again!

    I order these before I even took my first trip https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XS6T595/?tag=ubne0c-20 Still have not used one, thought I was going to one night though.
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    It Finally Happened.

    I didn't find the answer indignant, blunt maybe, but it did include excellent info. As a fellow noob this helps greatly, both your post and his reply. I bought vomit bags before I even took my first trip, need to add some cleaning supplies though now.
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    Total Noob: Had a weird issue starting trip

    I'm in the twin cities. It's a matter of blocks between a "better neighborhood" and a not better neighborhood. I think I need to pay more attention to pickup points. So far when it pings I just accept.
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    Total Noob: Had a weird issue starting trip

    First week driving....I know, quit now. I drop off a pax and get a ping 3 blocks away. It's a gas station, mistake #1 I know. I sit there hoping the timer runs out but it turns out it's a guy that is in another car with 3-4 other people. The driver sees me a mouths "uber?". I nod yes. Then I...