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    Actually you can get cash back on gas with those points. 3,4, and 5% depending on Pro status....if you use the Uber debit card. I'm not saying that's awesome, I have no desire to get an Uber card, just saying you can get cents off. No latte though.
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    Uber got me good today

    I've only ever ended up as far south as Rosemount, not to pick up, to drop off, several times from St Paul. Good going down but never a ride coming back.
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    Quest promo Philadelphia

    In Minneapolis they always end at 4:00 AM Firday and 4:00 AM Monday. 2 different promo periods, Week Days and Weekend.
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    Uber Pro

    I think we're soon to join you. They have dropped dramatically since I started last fall...could have been winter though. Maybe they need to incentivize us more during the dark frozen months.
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    Uber Pro

    Before Uber Pro my quests were 20 rides for $15, 30 for $25. Now that I have Pro status my quests are 30 for $15, 40 for $25. So essentially they have reduced bonus and are forcing an acceptance rate in order to still get the scraps. I drive extremely part time but could get the 20 or 30 on a...
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    🤠 Girth Brooks & Pink - Concert Packed Weekend 👧

    Garth has 2 nights at the Bank? That's impressive. Drop offs only for me too. By 1030 I'll need a drink myself.
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    Uber Pro

    I have 398 rides. They gave me Gold status. I haven't driven for at least 2 weeks. Pretty sure my real acceptance rate is closer to 40% so this won't last long. There was something about having the latest version of the app to see Pro, maybe you need to upgrade?
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    Being seen driving Uber is more embarrassing than....

    Explaining to the hottie behind the check in desk at the clinic that you need to see a Dr because it burns when you pee...
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    Lyft sign up

    I just signed up for lyft a month ago. They offered a $10/ride bonus on the first 20 rides...so I did 20 rides. The hub is across the street from the Uber hub on Rice Street.
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    You want to lose money as far as taxes are concerned. So it sounds like you're doing it right.
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    Should I throw the towel or wait for deactivation

    I got 2 in one week after about a month of driving. I have no idea why. I assume 2 paxholes wanted free rides. Can't please everyone, just keep on keeping on.
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    Best dashcam front and rear

    Out side the rear of the car or rear as in inside the cabin to record the pax? I use the Vantrue N2 Pro.
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    Should I throw the towel or wait for deactivation

    Do you shower and keep your car clean? How is it even possible to get that low? I would keep on trucking until you get booted....and quit talking to pax unless they talk to you.
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    Uber Riders refusing to give their name.

    I had this happen twice over the weekend. They open my door and immediately say "who are you here to pick up?", Hi, I'm ninfiction, can you verify the name on the account for me? "Who are you here to pick up?" with attitude. I tell them I only have the account holders name to verify who I'm...
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    airport pick ups...just for final 4?

    If it's busy enough you won't have to enter any lot, you'll get pings in a 5 mile radius.