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    I had a similar scam tried on me 2yrs ago but when they asked for my sign in password I hung up and called Uber who told me it was a scam. Sorry that happened to you.
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    Picking up BLM Antifa...Hell no!

    I haven't gone back out yet what's the money like? Any problems with Pax? Best time to drive?
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    Anyone else not receive their pua payment this week or last?

    I still haven't received any yet in Nevada
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    I have Allstate and when I bought my Prius new I got new car replacement insurance and totaled my car 6mo later they replaced it with a year newer model. I also had the rider for rideshare but wasn't on the app.
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    Low Volume after latest android update

    I have a note 9 and my last update did the same, I can't get it to ping for a ride in the car but it does outside did you find a fix for it
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    A Video?

    I have 1557553343 I got 45 for my streak and was shocked cause all I do is pool lately
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    Prius, all things Pii

    I have a 16 and get 65mpg and love driving it. Lots of room for people and luggage I will drive it till the wheels falloff cause I spend about $50 a week for gas.
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    Thanks that worked!!!
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    Has anyone been falsely accused of driving while intoxicated

    It happened to me too from a pool rider that complained about picking up other people. It was 10 am and I don't drink or drug and I told uber and they deactivated me anyway for a day
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    I have black leather seats and a pax left me with glitter all over and I have tried everything to get it off does anyone know how to do it?
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    Falsely Reported for Impaired Driving!?

    I am it happened to me
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    Falsely Reported for Impaired Driving!?

    Happened to me Friday and like you I neither drink or drug they reactivated me but said if it happens again it will be permanent, meanwhile I'm out 200 for Friday night. I want to sue the pax that made the false report.
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    Wrongful deactivation

    I asked them to tell me who it was but they said privacy laws don't allow it but my weekend is blown till the hub opens on Monday. Do they ever reinstate your account?
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    Wrongful deactivation

    Yesterday I got a message from uber that I was being deactivated for driving impaired which I wasn't cause I've been sober 30 yrs so how do I fight this.