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    City looks at enforcement against Uber starting
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    City looks at enforcement against Uber starting City is insisting on Enforcement. This is a risky business
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    Insurer cancelling policies of UberX drivers

    After the CAB Drivers, it seems the insurers are joining the fight against Uber. This is what we call big companies trampling ripping the normal joe like you and me who are struggling to make ends meet. and the big government is standing by and just watching as they take advantage of hard...
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    Whatsapp and BBM groups for Toronto Drivers

    It doesnt look like this group works because since i sent my #, nothing or I havent head from anyone
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    Whatsapp and BBM groups for Toronto Drivers

    Add me to the BBM 5335EA40
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    Got a Ping From 30 Minutes Away

    I dont turn down a Select Request. But one pissed me off. Select Ping came like 11 minutes away and the guy told me he is just going about 2 minutes down the street. He expected me to be happy. I told him i should not be happy. I just drove 11minutes to drive you 2 minutes away. That was a one...
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    City of Guelph is cracking down

    I didn't pick any PAX in Waterloo, I actually got the letter from Waterloo and I didn't pick a rider in Waterloo. Uber should start Masking License plate or Use some form of code.
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    UBER-Pick up truck?

    I had an F150 Uber X pick up a PAX in front of me. In fact we had 2 different PAX and I mistakenly was trying to pick up his PAX and the PAX asked if I was Uber, I said yes but the guy honk and said its his PAX. I was surprise.
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    City of Guelph is cracking down

    I got a warning mail from Guelp/Waterloo area saying I operated an illegal Transport service. I took a PAX there in July from Toront, while waiting to give him a ride back, I picked a few PAX. Non was suspicious. But I gave a ride to a fried of someone who asked me to drop him in Waterloo. Im...
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    A life of a Uber Drive Partner (GTA)

    My target went from $1000/week to $500/week to $300/week to now $100/week. I am Uberselect. I am surprise at the number of select pings I get when I go online. I wish I can only pick select calls. I have a high end vehicle. I was surprise how much milage a ramped on my car when i was doing...
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    Suspicious rider

    Me too. Looks like its an Android update. We are waiting for it still on the IOS platform
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    Yep....throwing everything at the city of Toronto
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    Toronto mayor's patience with Uber wearing thin
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    Suspicious rider

    Well, that doesnt make any sense and its not a crime to see or accept a ride.
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    Can't understand the point of driving outside of downtown?

    Out of Downtown is more satisfying. Better roads, less congestion, longer distances. Pings may not be as frequent but 1 ping may be equal to 3 $6 pings downtown.