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    App Update: "Customer tipped you even more... Nice!"

    The highest I ever tip was $20. That was with cash though.
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    App Update: "Customer tipped you even more... Nice!"

    I like this feature as a customer/rider.
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    New Rideshare App, Anyone?

    This is true but only if they don't get automate cars setup in time. Yes there will still be issues but it will prevent a lot of things too.
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    I wish you could be a uber or lyft autonomous cars beta tester.

    I know it would be risky but who cares.
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    Higher end Uber or Limo ?

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    Nicest Uber or Lyft cars option on app ?

    Basically like a small limo. What option would that be ? I most likely should of asked Uber and Lyft directly.
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    Does anyone know if Uber is any different in other countries ? Curious

    I know Lyft is not worldwide but I still prefer it. I did read or heard that sometimes cabs are much better depending on where you are. I can understand that. No this is not about requesting or forcing people to take a cab instead. If cabs had apps around here I would at least try them.
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    Any ants delivering for Amazon now concerned that Amazon has been approved for drone delivery?

    I prefer both. For small orders that are not heavy drone. For heavy items or large amount of items delivery person. The biggest advance of drone delivery is tipping but if they asked on the website after to tip I would. Of course with a delivery person I always tip except of course UPS, USPS...
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    I like the new feature in the Uber app I know it been around for a while now

    It is for passengers and drivers. At night you can hold up your phone with a color on it so your driver can find you easily! I think they should put a number on it too so in high pick up areas it is easier for a uber or lyft driver to know which person or people they are picking up quicker! Yes...
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    As a uber or lyft driver, for the people here who are, have you ever been a passenger ?

    Nice. Do you know if you can get around Uber surging if you pay the $24.99 a month for saving of uber x rides at 10% and higher end ride saving of 15% ?
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    As a uber or lyft driver, for the people here who are, have you ever been a passenger ?

    Cool I will have to let me friends and family know about this for Orlando, FL sense they like to visit there a lot. I wish it was in more markets.
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    What I predicted about self driving cars 4 years ago

    Self driving cars won't happen until 50 to 100 years from now. We will all be dead mostly.