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  • Hey I just saw your posting. What is shuffling can you tell me? I do only überxl and select rides if surge is below 2 but I always felt other people making more
    Hello, someone recommended I contact you for rideshare insurance info. I currently use Geico but he said I should be able to find something less expensive. I’m in southern Delaware. Any suggestions? Thanks
    Hello, I work for an automotive consulting firm and am conducting research in Uber Xchange services and would like to ask for some of your experiences with them. We are willing to compensate you for your time. Please let me know if you would be interested.


    Job Announcement Number
    USCP-17-10001848-17-LM /see it @
    Many vacancies in the following location:
    Washington DC, DC
    Work Schedule is Full-Time - Permanent

    Opened Thursday 11/3/2016
    (232 day(s) ago)
    Closes Friday 6/30/2017
    (7 day(s) away)
    Hey, I am doing a research about Xchange Leasing Program to find out if it's really a good idea for drivers. Could you kindly send me a contract sample (please black out any personal information)? Thanks very much.
    btw I figured I'd ask you because you seem pretty knowledgeable about how this game works based on the posts I read in the forums.
    Hey buddy. Im trying to filter my rides more by trying to figure out where the customer is going before I pick them up. What I'm asking is what's the maximum percentage of rides I can cancel in a given time frame before uber resets the percentage? (I'm just assumING that's how it works, but feel free to correct me or add on to on anything i mentioned here.) I'd very much appreciate your help.
    Hey, noticed you have the Geico hybrid insurance. I am thinking of getting it too. Was wondering if you could share with me how it works. Like what is the mileage cap and how much per year? Im paying $95 per month currently with geico for an 07 prius. Im curious how much my rate will go up and if it's worth it
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