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    Lot of shootings lately

    "I don't understand your defense of Antifa. They are a violent group." I have never defended them. That is not a correct statement. I have very clearly stated my viewpoints about Antifa again, again and again. -and I won't repeat them again. Your focus is clearly just Antifa. I do not have to...
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    Lot of shootings lately

    But no murders have occurred. At all. On the other hand, we know that two people murdered on MAX by a person who was clearly inspired by right wing militias and their associated propaganda. In Virginia a militia member ran over and killed an Antifa member. As I noted earlier, this does not...
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    Lot of shootings lately

    Well, I am not talking about political parties since they are pretty much moving targets. While the Democratic Party was associated with slavery (and populism) early in this Republic's history, the Democratic Party also ended up passing the civil rights acts. One could argue that the Republican...
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    Back seats only?

    Just a statistical help. If they sneeze like hell your doomed. Aside from systematic disinfecting, and avoiding people who are obviously sick, not much you can do otherwise.
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    Uber & Lyft Terms of Service Update Re: Coronavirus

    I understand and respect your decision. But my brothers and sisters feel really different about me driving with all my immune crap... "sigh". I think there is a middle way, but it has to be systematic to get the best of both. In Italy and Spain the hospitals are overflowing. I just don't think...
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    What is the general process. The money coming in is way increased but unfortunately he expenses have not declined appropriately.
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    Lot of shootings lately

    Most of these right wing groups have other relationships to other groups that are paranoid and blatantly antisemitic and racist. Often the views are disingenuous, sort of like "Will anyone rid me of this meddlesome priest" while saying ""oh, we have done nothing". But Antifa has not run people...
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    Info For Taxes

    I just thought I would post a reminder on this thread that for your taxes you will need BOTH the 1099 Misc and the summary. Or if you are under a certain amount, just the summary which you can download from their site. The figures from the 1099 are gross and include Uber and Lyft's take. So you...
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    Lot of shootings lately

    Having the police use violence against violence would, in the long run, not be beneficial. As I have noted, the violence associated with Antifa has decreased dramatically as both Antifa and the Police have figured out how to avoid violence. It is easy to get down on Wheeler, but having met him I...
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    Uber & Lyft Terms of Service Update Re: Coronavirus

    I am older then I look, and prettier then I feel. So you may not be older than me. :o-o: I did mean that. And appearances can be deceiving. As a medical professional I value everyone including you. I am stating the facts and you have falsely assumed that I am making an opinion. The highest risk...
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    Bye Lyft

    I think you got this all wrong. Peter Thiel's (Trump's tech go to guy) venture capitalist firm owes a big chunk of Lyft. 1585094699 The scientist, you know the ones who actually do the work, develop appropriate names that better describe them then a location in a country. Your first point is...
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    Get ready Portlandia!

    I thought it was statewide. I presume this does not include Uber and lyft? I heard they only let 50 people into a grocery store at at time. I'm going on a diet.
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    LOL! I think it went from bats to Pandolins or some f*ck**g creature. Guess they have a sh*tload of bats in Southern China and they eat too much of the wildlife. I figure that if you wait until you see those symptoms above and you have a preexisting condition, you already screwed. They should be...
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    Business predictions with coronavirus looming?

    People think the next 10 years will be like the last 10 years. Don't think so. I'd look to the 70's and stag/hyper inflation. I think the government will over stimulate the economy because politicians want to get reelected. The Fed will then find it difficult to raise interest rates. A little...
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    Business predictions with coronavirus looming?

    Smart guy. I am so pissed. I bought puts on the QQQ last fall (expired worthless) and was thinking about doing it in January, but didn't. sigh, there goes the family fortune...