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    leg cramps

    Awesome, thanks!
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    leg cramps

    Ever since I started driving for Lyft, I've been getting massive leg cramps at night. Do any other drivers have the same thing? Any advice to help get rid of the leg cramps? (And please don't tell me to stop driving for Lyft...) Thanks!
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    Got a safety email from Lyft

    I've started asking my pax "Is it okay with you if I make a U-turn here? It will save you some time since the GPS doesn't account for U-turns." Blah blah blah. They always agree.
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    Lyft offering half-price and free rides for midterm voting

    Well, the country needs EVERYONE to vote.
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    Lyft offering half-price and free rides for midterm voting

    But will the drivers get paid for these rides?
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    IEHP canceling Lyft rides?

    This week has been awful, but today was busy, and almost all of the rides were IEHP. So it may not be gone yet.
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    pax cancelling scheduled rides

    And once again, a scheduled ride has mysteriously canceled less than 30 minutes before the pickup. What's the point in accepting scheduled rides at this point? And the email language: "It looks like your passenger canceled their scheduled pickup." Well, did they or didn't they? It shouldn't...
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    pax cancelling scheduled rides

    even though I picked up the scheduled ride four days ago and it was cancelled about three hours before the pickup time? I don't see why that would happen, but then, why do most things happen?
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    pax cancelling scheduled rides

    And why would they do that?
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    pax cancelling scheduled rides

    Every time I've picked up a long scheduled ride, the pax ends up cancelling it anywhere from two hours to fifteen minutes before the pickup time. What's up with that? Today, I've had a ride on my calendar for four days, a long ride, would have been good money, made arrangements to be gone for...
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    Splash House

    I was busy all weekend, tons of rides, but yeah, no one tipped so it didn't end up being any better financially than any other weekend.
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    I went from 4.45 to 4.15 after 2 rides

    Do pax even understand that rating a Lyft driver a 4 is considered utter failure? Because 4/5 on any other scale would be good. I don't think passengers know that.
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    deactivated for false claim by passenger

    I did get reactivated late yesterday after losing nearly two days of work. No explanation, certainly no apology. At least it was done, and sadly, I will be much more suspicious of passengers in the future.
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    warning drivers of bad pax

    is it kosher to post the first name/city of a pax for other drivers to avoid? this guy made a false claim against me that resulted in my account being deactivated and I want other drivers to know that he should be avoided at all costs, but I don't know if that's okay on this forum.