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    Dallas UE Promos this weekend

    I don't really do Eats anymore, but it looks like my o ly promos are for uber x starting monday night...
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    One of the best days ever!

    What a handsome UberX vehicle
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    PASSENGERS OF UBER AND LYFT: Mask-Up. Or Pay The $5 Education Fee.

    There is one individual over there who once got $60 on zero trips from shuffling. They know who they are😂😂😂
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    Frustrating morning thus far

    No kiss ass here
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    Frustrating morning thus far

    Yesterday actually turned out pretty decent, but I worked all day. Icing on the cake was getting a scheduled ride no-show fee (where they include extra money for driving to pickup) then getting a regular request from the same person and getting the actual fare 1593790685 Tips were pretty weak...
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    What are we drinking tonight?

    Don't tag me into your world of sin I did 19 trips today, but it took forever because many of them were quite lengthy 1593736696 It was a Kia forte, last fall my Kia's cylinders were misfiring and we fixed it by replacing spark plugs and coils. The only thing wrong with my kia when it was hit...
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    Mobile mechanic !!!

    Just go get the light diagnostic at AutoZone
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    Frustrating morning thus far

    Number 9 with a Diet Coke. 2 chzbrgr meal. 1593708475 Lol, trying to be condescending, yet covered in your own wrongness.
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    Frustrating morning thus far

    So glad to see you can read 1593708056 I know, I know, I'm so healthy
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    No Mask

    Fares typically pay better than cancel fees and I'm only wearing a mask because I have to. I wear them in stores and stuff, but people who take rideshare have to know what they are getting themselves into. I may have 30 people in and out of my car in a given day all touching for handles and...
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    Frustrating morning thus far

    Upon arrival, the countdown timer started at 15 minutes 😂 1593694259 Plus lots of requests like this... Lol, no thanks
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    Denied For SBA EIDL Do I still get the Advance Money!

    I haven't received the advance or any correspondence about the advance, but I did receive notice that I was declined for the EIDL this morning. Should I give up on the advance?
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    I dont know when "drone" became common parlance for "remote control airplane", but it was at some point after my childhood in the 90's. I know military drones have been around for decades, but now civilian "drones" are those quadcopter things. I don't know what anyone means anymore 🙃
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    No Mask

    Honestly, I've just been driving them all
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    No Mask

    How often is that happening? Here in TX, this week I've noticed that most riders, but not all, are wearing them, because it's required in most counties in my area.