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  1. Nats121

    The Card Declined Shuffle

    The PAX is the one who kept the driver waiting, not uber. It's HIS responsibility to be ready when the driver arrives. You don't request a ride until you are ready to go, period. It is the rider's fault.
  2. Nats121

    The Card Declined Shuffle

    First of the all, the REAL villains are Uber and Lyft for hiding destinations and paying shit rates. The pax was NOT toes to the curb, he kept the driver waiting for a minute and a half and deserves to be shuffled. He obviously had no respect for the driver's time. I disagree with the credit...
  3. Nats121

    A CALL TO ARMS: Sent some screenshots in to Jalopnik's MONSTER SURVEY -- U/L TAKING MORE $ FROM DRIVERS

    You don't know how much Uber pays James River and the other companies for their Swiss cheese coverage. It couldn't be too much, otherwise they wouldn't keep hiring drivers at such a frenetic pace that drivers are literally tripping over each other.
  4. Nats121

    How to deal with spilled drinks.

    Gee, I thought we were independent contractor business owners, aka our own bosses. That's what Uber, Lyft, and all the shills, bootlickers, and Kool-Aid drinkers keep telling us. If they say so it must be true.
  5. Nats121

    Postmates new app not showing the order items when in scooter/bike mode anymore?

    Does Postmates still hide destinations and tip amounts from drivers?
  6. Nats121

    When did Uber start getting 45% cut?

    If AB5 wins in California, Uber should be given an ultimatum which includes the following... 1) Driver pay rates should be at least 75% of local taxi rates or 75% of what the pax are charged whichever is GREATER. 2) Show drivers the FULL pickup AND delivery addresses in ADVANCE and do not...
  7. Nats121

    weren’t you listening to me?

    What was her reason for choosing a cab over uber or lyft?
  8. Nats121

    Turned down a $500 ride

    Out of curiosity I would have checked it out but CAREFULLY. There's definitely red flags. She seemed almost too agreeable about paying cash and then upping her offer. I've had a few long trip requests and cancelled every one of them because the pax refused to pay cash upfront for the return trip.
  9. Nats121

    Do you still wanna drive for uber thief ?!

    Sorry, but it's the DRIVERS who are being ripped off. Pax are getting reasonable value for their money at 2019 prices. The drivers are doing 2019 work at 1979 pay rates. That's the difference.
  10. Nats121

    Lyft essentially not letting new drivers join Florida market.

    They can't survive without full-timers. The very bedrock core and by far the most important part of the rideshare business is the Mon thru Fri commute, and the vast majority of those trips are being done by FULL-TIMERS. You'll have to find you're explanation elsewhere.
  11. Nats121

    Working at Walmart vs Driving for Uber.

    Working at Walmart is better for your health than spending hours sitting in a car.
  12. Nats121

    Working on my deactivation

    The irony of this is there are many drivers who play by all the rules and get fired anyway. Often times it's for things they were falsely accused of by either the pax or the company. Sometimes they don't even know why they were fired.
  13. Nats121

    Irregularities with Eats dispatching

    Most likely you were the only driver in the area and/or other drivers declined it.
  14. Nats121

    Getting pinged while offline

    It's happened at least twice recently, both times in the middle of the night.
  15. Nats121

    Working on my deactivation

    His first policy of asking pax where they're going and cancelling if it's a place he doesn't want to go is an excellent business strategy. Accepting ride requests without knowing the destination is a very dumb business move that all of us drivers do.