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    LA Drivers Preparing 25 Hour Strike

    Both parties interfere. Govt created the immigration problem and only govt can fix it. If you consider that socialism, so be it. I'm a huge advocate of free enterprise, I talk about it all the time, but govt-created sky high immigration rates have rigged the rideshare driver market in uber's...
  2. Nats121

    I Love Ride Share Driving

    Either you don't get it or you're pretending not to get it. It isn't just the fact there's been pay cuts, the pay rates suck, period. 60 cents per mile in the year 2019 is terrible. Even though I didn't drive for uber during the golden days of 2013-14, I still "knew" the rates were low when...
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    Bad Driver Decisions

    I have to disagree with you on this. DC taxis charge $1 extra for each additional pax, and their rates are vastly higher than ours to begin with. If it's good enough for them, it should be good enough for rideshare drivers. Three weeks ago I gave a ride in DC to a foursome of men, one was...
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    Uber finds $3 billion under the couch to acquire Careem rideshare

    Uber hubris has no bounds. They've become so off-the-charts arrogant that they have no trouble eliminating Destination Filters and cutting pay rates in several markets in one week, and then announcing an acquisition of a mid east rideshare company the next week. They consistently display an...
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    I'm new...

    You're totally new to rideshare? Do you read these blogs? Do you watch the news? Drivers are up in arms from coast to coast about the rotten pay rates and continuous pay cuts, and now uber's taking away Destination Filters, which is one of the very few tools available to drivers to exercise a...
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    Feeling the burn as UBER/LYFT get ready for IPOs

    https://techcrunch.com/2016/02/18/uber-ceo-travis-kalanick-says-company-is-profitable-in-u-s/ Travis admitted that uber's Asian money pit was the real culprit behind their losses. Remember, Travis said this 3 years ago, BEFORE upfront pricing, sky-high booking fees, and 50% cuts of our rides...
  7. Nats121

    LA Drivers Preparing 25 Hour Strike

    I wish them the best of luck. A more effective strategy would be to contact their elected officials and demand the NYC system to implemented there. NYC pay rates would be a huge increase over the garbage rates LA drivers get now.
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    $ 98 ride and no tip?

    How much did lyft get for that ride? 1553356882 I sure do.
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    Why I Despise Lyft

    If you're observations are correct, where did all the ants go? We know most drivers are ants, so if it's true that drivers have stopped answering pings, it can mean only one or two things... Ants have suddenly en masse stopped being ants and have become savvy drivers OR ants have suddenly...
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    Uber driver shot in san antonio

    You're asking the wrong question. The question should be... how much would the pay have to be put yourself at risk of being shot? My answer is they need to be a hell of a lot higher than the garbage rates we're being paid. 1553316922 The question is how much is enough to put yourself at risk...
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    Seeing red!

    Sounds cool thanks.
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    Seeing red!

    Next time I'm in that area I'll try em out.
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    Seeing red!

    Damn, you're making my mouth water with that pic.
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    Is uber a job?

    I work in the same market as you, so your rates and bonuses(what little they offer) are similar to mine. That's why I'm saying that $15 per hour is big bucks given the very poor payouts. That's why I do eats only the rare occasion there's a decent boost. At 45 cents per mile (even less with an...
  15. Nats121

    Slowly boiling frog

    Your analogy fits uber very well.