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    Survey Questions for Ride Austin Drivers from UT Students

    1. 6 2. Once a week 3. Hike min. Fare
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    Airport pickups

    Thanks. I went there Yesterday and it was dead. No drivers waiting at the Cardinal loop. I never received a GM ping either. My Cell network is very spotty down there and I assume it will be very hard beating the professional peckers.
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    Airport pickups

    Which Apps work at the airport and where do people wait for rides?
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    Instaryde and your involvement

    Has anyone tried Instaryde's Wepay? Is the pay instant or does it take 2-3 business days to reach the driver?
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    Get me hasn't paid drivers?

    Why can't Getme pay their drivers on time? I'm yet to receive my pay!!!
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    Uber @ COTA - X Games

    They are importing drivers from other cities. Gosh! I hate Uber!
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    GetMe Questions

    They sent us an email and told us they'll be at the office till 9pm. Still waiting!
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    GetMe Questions

    I went to their office and found no one. We are here with a bunch of other drivers but no one is around. Crappy service
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    New Year's Resolution

    With Uber the devil is in the details. I also did the math and realized Uber is a minimum wage kind of a job. Not worth it.
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    Big Brother is watching...

    Plus Austin riders are now more aware of the price surges. All they do nowadays is wait for 10-15 mins and the Friday/Sat surge is gone.
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    Big Brother is watching...

    The new surge zones are terrible. On Saturday night I was driving on West 6th during a X 5.1 surge and I kept on getting no surge pings from the 24hr Diner on N Lamar and 6th. yes, just a few blocks away. Terrible zoning!
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    $1 Charge per ride

    Thanks for the clarification. I calculated one of my rides yesterday and I thought they were taking a commission on the total + the safe ride fees.
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    Ubers threat to "pull out" of Austin

    If Uber leaves, someone else will replace them.
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    $1 Charge per ride

    Quick question: Does uber take their commission before or after the 1$charge.
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    Austin vs San Antonio this Wkend

    Yup but still better than surge-less Austin.