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    The consequence of all those fireworks

    she who must be obeyed
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    Hardy toll road

    My very first uber airport trip long ago was from i10/hwy 6 to hobby, middle of day. Google routed me all along the long beltway 8 route, then to the private jet part of hobby off telephone rd. Being totally green, thought I had to go that way. lol :p Luckily, it was the pax first time in...
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    Turning off location now stops Uber requests

    So fake your gps. Dont forget your alitude at 97' so uber doesnt see you hovering above everyone else.
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    2 Concerns Before Starting

    Why would any company do that? Uber has proven what drivers will drive for ... there's no shortage anywhere in town of uber drivers, most offering riders excellent service. I swear, uber could drop the rates to a penny a mile and there would still be 300 cars waiting in the iah lot for their...
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    2 Concerns Before Starting

    Sure we have. Dotcom boom & bust nearly 20 years ago. Ubers venture capital burn rate would collapse in a flaming nosedive if relying solely on their doomed from the start rideshare margins. So they'll constantly come up with new baubles to lure more VC. Like self-driving cars. Or flying cars...
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    How can I use a rental for Uber in Houston

    lol. Hard enough making money with a car you have the title let alone a daily rental & mileage fee.
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    2 Concerns Before Starting

    You're overthinking everything. Just do it.
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    Uber and Lyft deactivated this driver

    Think his point was the ar15 was never used in the military, and higher capacity is in other guns & doesnt mean anything. Like we, unfortunately, saw today in CA where witnesses saw him reload. :(
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    Uber and Lyft deactivated this driver

    Vast majority of vendors selling firearms at gun shows are federally licensed dealers & distributors. Which are required by law to do the instant fed check on all buyers. They dont let anyone slide, its not worth the major fines, imprisonment, & loss of license. Did they ask for you DL? The...
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    Uber and Lyft deactivated this driver

    That may be what you want. Polls say something entirely different. Further, politicians including Obama, Feinstein, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Rahm Emmanuel, Schumer, Beto and many...
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    Uber and Lyft deactivated this driver

    Yes at gun shows. The liberal cry of the gun show loophole is a complete and ridiculous myth, absolute tripe.
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    Uber and Lyft deactivated this driver

    Not too sure what universe you're in, but liberals are crying to make firearms illegal & confiscate. And there is a federal registry that is used at purchase. And there are federal laws concerning mental health.
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    Survey from Uber asking if I wanted to charge scooters!

    Sweet. Humming away on my little electric scooter on Grand Parkway with a 300 lb pax on the backseat carrying his luggage. Asking if I have a phone charger.
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    New to Uber - How do you begin?

    Sure ya can. But don't buy it at an auto parts store. Buy it at walmart, save $5 a can.
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    Somebody school me on the TNC lot.

    Follow the shuttle vans, call the number where it says drivers wanted. You'll make 2-3x more than any uber lot lizard.