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    Dara Letter to POTUS

    Your a racist and Black Lives Matter is a racist term because all lives matter, not just one exclusive race matters . 1595883424 IGNORED. 10,000 years and they still can't speak english . They call everybody a racist because they cannot compete with any race on Earth . What if i started...
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    Uber is now discriminating against non-blacks

    Kneel before me and bow down or we shall crush you, burn down your neighborhoods and homes, loot then destroy you . Kneel down before everyone of us . Do it now !
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    With anarchy being the new norm, I just ordered a dash cam

    Kneel down and bow to the black lives movement or you will be crushed and your Cities destroyed .
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    Uber's sneaky and shady practices

    SATAN the Devil .
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    We REALLY need a $5 minimum per ride now.

    Now these scumbags are trying to get you to sign up against AB5 in, California so you'll be on their side so they can continue to screw drivers out of well deserved money and they're using deceptive advertising to do it claiming you'll lose your ability to set your own hours and other bullshi#...
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    what happens if you get a DWI?

    Then start drinking like a fish in water after you blow in the breathalyzer . LOL
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    Had to take nine facemask selfies during my shift yesterday

    It's also law not to own a gun but how many were shot this year and last ? ( a lot )
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    First time driving in a while, and have some serious questions.....

    They'll also lie to you, at least Lyft will by saying the rider is 5 minutes away when it's 10 minutes away . I used to accept trips under 5 minutes but now i reduced that to 3 minutes because now a 3 minute arrival time will be 7 minutes away . If you know your Town you should mentally know how...
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    They want us to join them in screwing over drivers .

    Got this in an email . Anybody falls for this scam is just darn stupid .] Join the Campaign to Protect Your Flexibility and Independence in California Tess <[email protected]> Unsubscribe Tue, May 19, 4:55 PM (18 hours ago) to me...
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    Uber is taking 60 percent of the ride. Anyone else at this level???

    NOPE . 80 % here . At least sometimes . Average is 65 % .
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    Californias war on Uber and Lyft will not end well.

    Not if they reduced the commission they take from a driver . They were doing just fine when they started at taking out a 20 % commission from drivers but they got greedy as more suckers signed up to drive and now they'll take out 80 % from drivers trip proceeds . 1589735566 Nice try Uber...
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    Riders and face mask

    IT'S NOT ENFORCEABLE and they know it . All they are doing is trying to look squeeky clean to the general public .
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    Best city 🌇 to rideshare?

    DUMB survey . Drivers don't know the difference . A driver in S.F. can't compare with N.Y. , Austin to Boston because the driver doesn't live or even drive there .Silly survey .
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    600/week unemployment until 2021!

    Don't work then maybe Uber will need to start treating and paying their drivers better then scum .
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    Uber kept rejected my license at least 5 times . I gave up & don't drive for them . Glad i did because Instacart pays twice as good without all the added mileage and now i am not dealing with all those horrible passengers .