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    3 years in as uber driver .. whats my.conclusions

    Ok Your Averaging £41 per hour ! 😂😂Clown !
  2. mods1964

    UBER cuts 400 jobs in a quest for profitability

    Ubers 2nd quarter earnings are due for release on the 8th August ( after trading hours) but the original investors who bought or were rewarded shares at $45 are locked in until November 6th and that is the point when Uber joins the real world !
  3. mods1964

    Ola all electric tuk tuks for central London !

    Ola also manufacture there own charging points, all electric tuk tuks can travel 30 miles after a one hour charge, perfect for short hops in city centres, the Cardiff pilot scheme will employ 80 drivers working 50 hours a week on 20 vehicles,,
  4. mods1964

    Ola all electric tuk tuks for central London !

    1563983178 Ola just been granted a pilot scheme in Cardiff, tuk tuks licensed as private hire vehicles,, Ola manufacture there own all electric tuk tuks and rickshaws
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    Ola to buy out Addison lee ?

    https://news.sky.com/story/uber-and-ola-rev-up-interest-in-pursuing-addison-lee-deal-11769484 1563981006 The only interest Uber would have in a buy out of Addison lee is to stop ola buying it
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    Uber CEO says thank you to its drivers

    As he takes a £11.7 million cash out
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    Who will gamble

    American union the teamsters and there Associates are expected to be a large purchasers of Uber shares, which is an interesting conflict of interests or a wise position on influence,, no set date for supreme court hearing but end of year is the most likely!
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    London or Brighton

    Only in London is it illegal for a pH to have a meter, and many pH outside London have meters and work on local companies that have a mix of black cabs and pH working on the same meter rate, of course large accounts will be discounted slightly below the meter rate set for that town or city, and...
  9. mods1964

    London or Brighton

    There is a reason why Uber have only managed to recruit 97 Brighton licensed drivers out of approx 1,300 over the last 3 years, working for one of the local companies is £2.30p per mile daytime meter rate, and nearly all are struggling to find enough drivers to cover there app/ phone and account...
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    London or Brighton

    Uber geography puts Gatwick in London, Crawley and Horsham do not exist as Uber hasn't got a operations license in either,, Reigate and Banstead license will allow you to work with Uber absolutely nowere not even in Reigate as that's in London,, Uber dose not exist in mid Sussex, a Brighton and...
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    Is there some kind of strike in progress?

    Presumably hc289 would be using public transport for his daily commute into the city if not for Ubers predatory prices that compete with a bus and army of cheap immigrant labor willing to work long hours for peanuts, and has probably the audacity to support In principal the recent climate change...
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    £18.75p per hour after 40 hours worked as would be overtime rate's !
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    Bonus from Uber

    Driver reward as part of Ubers IPO $300m shared with 1.1 million drivers world wide .