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    Shut Up and Drive

    It’s a true shame how basic human interaction has gotten to be so little and nonexistent.
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    Monday fun day

    I hope you feel better. I just got over a cold. Something was going around.
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    everybody have guarantee for this week ?

    I needed to hear that.
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    Monday fun day

    Enjoy it. It's fun. Don't stress over the money.
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    LYFT Guarantee hours

    I got the Lyft email as well.
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    Monday fun day

    The money was 20x better. Not sure how long you've been driving. But these companies lower the cost for customers every seasonal change. They say it's temporary but they keep it at those rates. Me knowing what the money used to be like and settling for lower rates right now is a stab in the...
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    Lyft gave me hourly 9/26-9/30

    That's weird how they change the amounts.
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    Lyft gave me hourly 9/26-9/30

    I got it too. I've received guarantees a lot recently but I also haven't been driving. The guarantee email a couple weeks back was INSANE it had like $60/hour (after Lyft fees) and $70 at night. Crazy.
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    Monday fun day

    Probably the only morning I bother getting up out of the week. It's rough driving since 2014 and seeing the money dwindle right in front of you. Even though you work hard.
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    I Hate This On-Demand Hell.

    I'm great at being told what to do. Also great with favors. ;)
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    Ne1 delivers 4 sprig?

    I have been driving for Sprig and its less money than uber or lyft but they give you a free meal after work. Can you guys claim shifts for sprig? It keeps saying claimed shift failed...
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    Since when is For Hire driving a hobby?

    Atleast now they're out of debt....
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    I Hate This On-Demand Hell.

    Seriously, the jerk who came up with "Let's have them use their own car, pay their own expenses, all with a smile like they're earning a net profit." I can see teenagers doing this, mom and dad foot the gas bill and maintenance bill. But not a grown adult with bills and car note and other...
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    Is it just me or are there a lot of trolls out there lately?

    That is unless they can speed up the development of driverless cars.
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    Why are you still driving with a 30% decrease in your pay? Especially the 25%ers

    I don't do it full time anymore I ised to do it 7 days a week. I put so much effort into this job then this job never put effort back into me. Luckily I'm pursuing a degree and a real career, this was fun especially during summer you really get to hangout with everyone regardless of race or...