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    Glad I asked! Thanks for the feedback. I started out several years ago in the Amherst/Noho/Hadley area and I liked that area. Well, except for Halloween at UMass. Never again! LOL
  2. Mims Athome


    Has anyone been driving in Springfield since the new casino opened? How is it?
  3. Mims Athome

    New maps issue

    I never use the embedded maps. I always default the settings to Google Maps. You're right, you can't see the next turn and it's not good. Waze is too busy for me, very distracting.
  4. Mims Athome

    Business Activity Type and Business Activity Code

    I'm fiddling with my taxes. What is the business activity type and business activity code for Lyft? TIA Marie
  5. Mims Athome

    Contact Lyft With No Phone

    Yep, my mobile phone pooped the bed. How to I access my account without my phone? I also need to contact Lyft about my last ride of the day. TIA Marie
  6. Mims Athome

    Lyft Amp, bluetooth, navigation and audio

    Thanks for the help! I like the idea of Amp, as long as I can get it to work! My main issue is with bluetooth in my car. I think I'm doing it wrong and got some good advice.
  7. Mims Athome

    Lyft Amp, bluetooth, navigation and audio

    I have a Nexus 5X and I drive a 2016 Honda Fit. When I’m in the car I can’t hear the navigation instructions if I have bluetooth turned on. So I never use bluetooth when I’m working because I won’t hear navigation. However, the Lyft Amp requires bluetooth. The 2016 Honda Fit does not support...
  8. Mims Athome

    What? We're Being Rated on Line Route

    I saw this post in The Hub. Are our ratings including the line route now? Something we have little control over? That doesn't fee right? Am I getting this correctly?
  9. Mims Athome

    Anyone else get sore legs

    My legs don't hurt at the end of my shift. I do get out and walk around my car when possible. However, I get another weird phenomenon. After I get home and get out of my car for the day, I have what feels like vibrations going through my legs. It's as if I'm still in the car and I'm feeling the...
  10. Mims Athome


    Happy to hear that Lyft is MA wide. Hopefully they'll be pushing the service. I actually like driving Western Mass, especially when I don't feel like going to Boston. I'm glad I have more choices now. Amherst/Northampton is busy during the school year and the driving is much easier.
  11. Mims Athome


    I started my ride share career out in Western Mass about two years ago when Uber first started out there. It was good for a newbie, but summers are dead without students. I finally figured out that plying the trade was best along Route 9 from Amherst to Noho. Tons of stores and lots of rides...
  12. Mims Athome

    Comm Ave Bridge Project This Summer

    Pardon if this has been posted before. I just got the email today. http://www.mass.gov/massDOT/CommAveBridge Ugh. I didn't realize the BU bridge will be closed. Oh well, it's about time. Mims
  13. Mims Athome

    Rideshare insurance

    I use Progressive. They are one of the few insurance companies rolling out a ride share rider for auto insurance. They have done so in other states - Pennsylvania is one I know about. But in Massachusetts not yet. I'm hoping!
  14. Mims Athome

    Verified Identity.

    How do you know it's not a scam? What makes it authentic?
  15. Mims Athome

    Bridge near BU on Commonwealth info

    Is the Longfellow Bridge finished yet?