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    is it even worth driving in your country..

    for me, yes, from 8pm - 12midnight
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    Uber in NAIA T2

    yes, they can pick up passengers at airports
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    Interested to Join Uber Cebu--Help!

    so..... what happened here? is the an Uber Cebu already?
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    How's business there in Manila?

    black: toyota camry
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    How's business there in Manila?

    i own the car - black i just make 3-5 trips per day - mostly from 7pm-11pm average trip is 150-250 on weekdays on saturdays - 7 trips max at 200 per trip ave
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    premium vechile or standard for manila uber?

    full size sedan - black has more income perse per trip small / mid size sedan - x has more trips perse due to passngers
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    How's business there in Manila?

    yes, uber business here is OK - as long as you know where to hang out
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    Manila Uber Newbie Thread

    black driver ever since april 2015 part timer now- x & black x - pag coding i still prefer black in terms on passnger profile and income
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    Worth it pa bang magUBER ngayon?

    if you don't own the car and if you BUY a car with a monthly amortization and UBER is your primary business - LUGE KA
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    Realistic Cost of Gas per week

    black: 2013 camry 2.0. 300km per full tank (55liters). average of 100km per day. 3 days need to full tank x: 2016 almera 1.1. 350km per full tank. i only use x pag coding si camry.