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    Airport pick up

    I received a request while dropping off a passenger. I took it, but Uber cancelled it because I wasn’t in queue at parking lot. Another time I was dropping off passenger there as well, I needed to have 1 more customer for 3 consecutive trips promotion. Guess what!? Uber didn’t give me the damn...
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    Turned into a cash ride

    A passenger decided to get another trip from me right after the first trip. I did get the ping, but app told I’m 2 miles away (and the passenger was standing next to my car).
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    People who pass out in the back

    Whatever you decide to do, take video to prove your innocence.
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    Tip and ride advice

    I don’t get that much tips even I’ve got only 5 stars from riders. I guess Uber riders just don’t tip ?
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    Haven't drove in 3 months & Uber solidified my decision with their crappy bonus

    I started driving few weeks ago. I’m already feeling used.
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    And Uber never makes mistakes, I’m just crazy conspiracy theorist.
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    You had a great day, Tjuber! Customers should always choose between tips or ‘No Tip’ before they can continue using Uber. Now drivers don’t know if customer didn’t tip or tip is missing. Now when I have heard your similar experiences with tipping, I just think people are ignorant. Anyways...
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    Airport pick up

    How many of you have received a request at airport while dropping off?
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    Has this been tried at CLE?

    Actually I just realized that Uber is doing excact same thing with these 3 consecutive trips. You have to drive to certain area in high demand time and turn your app on there. Honest business??? Yeah. Have you ever noticed by the way that sometimes requests come and go real quick. I have been...
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    Anybody started driving again?

    Onko Uberilla kysyntää Suomessa?
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    Bodily Fluid

    If I ever need to get my car interior cleaned after a customer messed it up, I can give Uber a choice minimum of $100 (more if its something really nasty) if I cleaned it up by myself or I can take it to dealership for professional clean up if they rather pay actual cost of it. I bet that would...
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    I have also noticed that longer distance pick ups usually tip. They probably have noticed not every driver is willing to drive over 15min (in the middle of nothing )just to pick them up and are grateful to actually get a ride. Those are best tippers.
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    I have always thought it’s a good manner to tip, but I guess it’s changing. I have UberSelect, but it’s very rare to get customers who are willing to pay for it. They order UberX and are extremely happy about my car, but they don’t think I might need a tip to be willing to drive them lower...
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    I’m a new driver. I’m quite surprised how rare it’s to get a tip. Is it me or does everyone have same situation? I started with UberEats, and roughly 75% of customers gave a tip. When I started UberRides, less than 20% of customers tip. However all my customers have rated me 5 stars, so I’m kind...