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Recent content by May H.

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    Can’t see my rating!

    My rating is missing, too. I wouldn’t care but we still need at least a 4.6 rating to stay activet and a 4.85 for Uber Pro rewards.
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    In California ONLY, Uber caps UberX cut at 25%. Multiplier surge is back! No rate cut! I must be seeing things!

    Despite all the changes we’re still being paid the same and Uber is still getting 40-60% of the fare. It’s all smoke and mirrors.
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    Calif new fares

    You don’t understand. Uber is still charging a booking fee. They’re hiding it from the App-trip breakdown and calling it a marketplace fee. So Uber is still getting 40-60% of the fare-they’re just hiding it from the driver. 1579057532 No pay has changed. Everything has been manipulated to give...
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    I'll never buy an electric car

    Car companies aren’t trying to push EV’s down your throat. They’re responding to market demand. Electric cars are the current technology and somewhat better for the environment. We’re going to run out of oil eventually so why not get on board?
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    To All The Moaners, Whingers, Yaps and Cry Babies On Here

    You’re complaining about complainers? Oh the irony! 🙄
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    Priority access queue

    Would’ve shut off the app but I didn’t know that was an option. I never received notification from Uber about this new feature and didn’t know any of the rules or stipulations. Uber has tried something similar in my area previously going offline would automatically loose your place in the queue...
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    Priority access queue

    I had my first Priority Queue Access last night. After I finished the short trip Uber gave me trips that took me so far from the airport I never had a chance to use it.
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    Busier on christmas eve or day?

    Your meme displays faulty logic. Happy Holidays actually includes Christmas and all the other 14 holidays celebrated this time of year. That equals 100%.
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    2 bad rides in a row and called it a night

    I moved away from H.B. many years ago and truly miss that old Del Taco. The drive-thru was open late and had bomb green chili & cheese fries. Ah, memories.
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    Surge zones only showing amount no area

    This happened to me last night. Map only showed dollar amounts and no surge area. App also wouldn’t show the airport lots and number of cars waiting. I just hard-closed the app, re-booted my phone and then the app functioned normally. I think this mostly happens when the connectivity is low.
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    Uber partnership with Subway Restaurant

    I’ve been to participating locations and they’re making me pay something for a drink. I’ve been told the manager decides how much to charge.
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    Now Lyft is doing it! - Introducing Shared Saver

    In my market Uber & Lyft will auto-add pool during a normal ride in progress hoping that drivers won’t notice.
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    Treated as guilty (thanx "not so anonymous" rider)

    I’d be more worried about Meth and the Mexican Mafia up in Humboldt, eh?
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    Meanwhile at the Marina Safeway....

    Why would you say that? Whole Foods is mainstream and owned by Amazon. The radicals are all gone.
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    Opting Out / Deactivation?

    Since I’ve opted out I’ve noticed I’m not getting any lucrative airport trips -also Uber has been cancelling really good rides right after I accept and replacing these with more crappy pool rides. My direction filter is really screwed-up now. If I set it 35 miles West to a city where I know...