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    Set your own Surge🔌

    If you’re too greedy expect to get complaints from the riders and fare reversals to $0.
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    Sadly, it was reaffirmed today that the extra $600 will not be extended past July 31st. Some passengers were complaining about this terrible news...

    Seriously, In my area the cost of living is so high. Earning less than $600 gross per week is a poverty wage, you can’t even cover basic living expenses on that. Perhaps companies should be compelled to pay their workers real living-wages instead.
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    Uber Eats is using stacked orders as a new massive pay cut and deception to get drivers to accept stacked requests

    Of course Uber is going to stack deliveries now that pool is gone...
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    Passengers who challenge the GPS route

    I guess you’ve never had someone demand a “different“ route then fraudulently report to Uber that the driver “took an inefficient route” in order to get a refund. 🙄
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    Politics Why do you support Trump?

    HA! That’s an ineffective comeback since Antifa is decentralized and has no headquarters.
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    If White Lives really matter

    Kudos for acknowledging that hypocrisy, perhaps it’s better to care for all Earthlings, not just the non-human ones? Nothing will change if you scare off the carnivores.
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    Uber an Asian🎎 or Indian 👳‍♂️👳‍♀️ Pax?

    Pool isn’t allowed in the Bay Area due to Covid-19. Are you just trolling?
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    Calif ballot initiative to reverse AB5 -- update

    Haha that’s a dumbass assumption. I worked w2 jobs for nearly 30 years! The only way this will pass is because of $110 Uber/Lyft/Doordash is paying to launch a lying disinformation campaign. If you vote Yes you’re an IDIOT because you’re voting against your own best interest.
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    Calif ballot initiative to reverse AB5 -- update

    This is horrible news! I’m definitely voting no. We need protection and benefits just like every other worker in California. You corporate shill! :mad:
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    If passengers no longer allowed in front seat, how do we take a party of 4?

    They’re probably just trying to scam an extra passenger. Doesn’t the app inform the pax only 3 riders max when they book the ride?!? Instant cancel
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    I advocate that Uber drivers ought to consider themselves as an independent business entity focused on the bottom line in every aspect of driving.

    Fail. Prius brake pads last much longer than conventional vehicles. This point in your argument about cost of maintenance Is moot.
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    Anyone else get this email from TurboTax

    Yes, this is legit and every driver who used Turbo Tax should look over their return for errors. Funny that it’s just being acknowledged now because drivers discovered the flaw over two months ago.
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    Rideshare Drivers Staged Caravan Protest

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    Why is there no option for the pax to add the tip ahead of time in UberX so the driver can see it before the ride is accepted?

    That would only encourage lousy tip-bating. Pax will lure you with a large tip and change it to zero once the ride is over. SMH
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    All 97 locations of Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes are permanently closing.

    I’ll really miss the soup bar. Everything else went downhill over the past few years.