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    Return To Driving?

    with less than 15% wearing masks. This is was a worthwhile effort.
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    Drive thru Corona virus testing

    With the possibility of drive thru Corona testing popping up everywhere. How long before we see this in our driver preferences.
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    @@@@. Its check engine light night for me...

    Probably not - ??
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    @@@@. Its check engine light night for me...

    Probably a bad ignition coil, one of the cylinders misfiring. I fixed mine for $100 and a YouTube video
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    Uber down but now up!

    So it was a glitch? I thought I messed it up for everyone... Once I logged in it all went away ?
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    $518 Settlement check

    Mine was for $278.00 I deposited it today with my $200 cash tip - Happy day at the ATM.
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    Comfort now selectable without X

    What model car do you drive? Was it part of the original Comfort qualified list?
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    Feeling good ?

    I hope not. But on the bright side I still got a $5 cash tip.
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    Feeling good ?

    Well, to be honest they only tipped me a$100 for the music. They tipped $5 for cutting through the airport. When I was 4 minutes away from their destination. The girl needed to pee and the they offered me $20 to stop @ 7-11. I act like I can't take the money and pocketed it. I drop them off...
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    Feeling good ?

    Just got tipped $205.00 on a $42.00 fare just for turning up the music. God bless the suburbs!!
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    1 flight left to land...

    I came in with $7 sticky surge. Then $11 at airport.. so I'm good either way
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    1 flight left to land...

    61 ahead and + $11 surge I'll chill.
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    Do dash cams make passengers behave more?

    I guess I'll stick an old web cam on my windshield for a dash cam placebo effect.
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    Missing tolls

    Just tonight, I had 6 toll trips and was shorted on 3 of them . I've noticed it usually happens on single tolls and when traveling on multiple highways. Like DNT & SH121
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    I have a roder who is preaching my ear off and waving his bible

    Call your wife, and explain everything he told you but botch some key details. Let's see how long before he snatches the phone from you.