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    Lyft Rating Free Fall

    Left by a grown man ! no kids , no grand parents and no wife . Just a grown single male from sfo to dt , pay out 20$ .
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    never again east bay ...

    LMAO ! They got you.
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    Cancelling on clueless pax

    Guys I’m hoping to get some solid ideas or opinions with how cancellations work on Lyft . Commute hours pax in the middle of intersections or just streets where you can’t stop and wait without getting a ticket or pissing off the entire city population lol Can’t wait 5 minutes or even 1...
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    Destination Filter

    Good to be back , i was worried it was specific to my account. Time to find a new gig
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    Destination Filter

    Anybody else struggling with Uber's DF ? I don't know if it's because I'm using it more than I used to but this weekend it completely failed me from North bay to SF. I used it after 7am on Saturday and again after 8pm in the evening , over 4 hours with no ping I thought my app was...
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    I love long trips....

    This guy must be pastrami himself :D
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    Are you being tipped?

    UPDATE ; I parked the Mercedes this week and picked up an Elantra , I have only got 1 tip through the app only 2$ ! The Marin riders aren't tipping me either ,only 1 lady tipped me 7$ cash. 40 trips deep anyway just wanted to report back , sadly the pessimists called it right .
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    Are you being tipped?

    I told him I was going to tip on the app only to find this :confused:
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    Auto Insurance

    They do but they are sketchy ! cheap cheap insurance with minimum coverage but that's probably just the agent I dealt with on the phone. When you add ride share I believe farmers switches you to Bristol west which is still farmers but "specialty" whatever that means, that's what they did to...
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    Are you being tipped?

    We will have to disagree on that , I haven't been in a "cash only" bar ever but I'm also not much of a drinker. However I do go to Starbucks almost twice a day , never seen one get tipped ! I notice the cash in their tip jar just don't see it happening, never saw someone put cash in there...
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    It is dead in San Francisco!!!

    He seems to run an illegal cab and XL :cool:, at first I thought it was wingz but apparently it's not. I would love to find out the kind car he drives too, I drove a lot with a Malibu and that think consumed almost 250$ in gas a week , yikes :(
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    Are you being tipped?

    You might be right ! I will let you know how it goes in a week or two , getting a corolla / jumping back into uberpool and 100 rides a week. Been on select for a few months / x rides only , sometimes the fancy car makes people tip.
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    Are you being tipped?

    Will pull it up for you but generally here in our market all those things you just mentioned are rare , no offense to my comerades but most drivers suck :D so they will tip just because you smiled , had a clean car and drove like you are supposed to drive. Can't even imagine what happens if...
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    Are you being tipped?

    Whatever it is ! someone needs to tell us , we need to find out people lol someone out there knows something.
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    Are you being tipped?

    thats just crazy ! People complain on regular trips ? that's strange.