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    They started doing percentages late 2017/early 2018. I was doing 20+ mile select trips so that was good for me.
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    How often do you get Uber Select and Lyft LUX rides?

    You're going to wait 4+ hours for a select ride.
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    Male drivers - thoughts on wedding bands?

    For the women who think that you are hitting on them, it won't matter. They will just think you are a cheating husband.
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    Doing your own oil change???

    I have not done an oil change myself in a few years, just because I didn't want to. I take my wife and my cars to the dealership. The dealerships near me have tacked on at least a $20 labor charge, so now it's getting expensive paying $50 or more. So I'm going to start doing them myself. That...
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    As Suspected

    You're catching germs being on this forum.
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    Lost Item Return Fee

    Did you tip on the original trip?
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    Deactivated - Someone used my identity to create fake account

    The fraud was in Miami...no surprise.
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    Every Rider Tipped Today

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    Stripper grabbed my head to make out with her

    Just imagine how many rods were touched that night before she was grabbing all on you : x
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    Proof Our Strike Worked - look at video Uber just placed on your app!

    The video is funny and cute. Probably not the same feeling for the people who actually drive.
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    need advise on east coast to west coast travel

    I've done many 1200-1600 mile trips. Only 1 of the trips I traveled alone. When you are tired and sleepy, don't fight it. Your car will be collecting lots of bugs and rock chips. You could cover the front of your car and side mirrors with painters tape.
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    Driver strike on May 8th

    This would work better if there was some rider involvement. Just more money for uber if riders are taking rides with surge.
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    I want to get a personal plate...which one of these or name another good one to get

    TIP ME, TIPNAPP, or TIPCASH. If 8 letters were possible then TIPOELSE
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    Day Late and a Dollar Short

    Your 3 month old cake is being delivered today.