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  1. MadePenniesToday

    I will Never Ever Ever Tip

    Who cares? Stop being an attention @@@@@.
  2. MadePenniesToday

    Cleaning receipt now needed for damage fee!?

    The drivers don't charge anything. It's all on Uber what the rider is charged.
  3. MadePenniesToday

    Any car guys here?

    My dreams cars are the last 2 gens ACR viper or a c6 zr1. If you watch automotive channels on YouTube, channel "Cars with Luke" has a nice Cayman. Only sports cars I've had were a 04 Mazda rx8 and a 97 mustang GT.
  4. MadePenniesToday

    Infiniti JX35 (QX 60) transmission needs to be replaced. What would you do?

    Like what was said. Most independent warranty companies are junk. If they do end up approving to fix, most likely it will be a used part. I doubt a dealership service department will want to deal with a 3rd party warranty that they don't deal with and vice versa.
  5. MadePenniesToday

    220 tip last night

    There is no wrong or right choice. But I will say live some. Sometimes people do like someone or lonely.
  6. MadePenniesToday


    I don't think anyone would be interested in earning a percentage of what you make. That would most likely come out to a negative for the car owner. I would rather go by per mile.
  7. MadePenniesToday

    Tax Help

    Have you been a driver since at least 2016? Did you itemize in previous years? If you itemized in the past with the same car you have now, then you cannot use the IRS deduction rate.
  8. MadePenniesToday

    Can you test app for dry run?

    Greenlight hubs give tutorials.
  9. MadePenniesToday

    UBer, 50% decrease in pay for using DF Filter

    "Rates will be reduced on Destination trips". How more clearer can it be?
  10. MadePenniesToday

    Fiskers Comeback

    On March 18th Fisker will announce a new $40k vehicle.
  11. MadePenniesToday

    Test result return failed

    By reading the forums for a while, I thought the answer was cableguy?...yes I know I'm adding to his ego 🙂
  12. MadePenniesToday

    Healthier after shift beverage

    As a non alcoholic drink, I used to drink tazo green tea. Also a veggie drink blended with orange juice. I hardly buy anything other than water for home. Drinks with alcohol, I enjoy Red Label and coke/ginger beer, homemade margaritas, or a shot of tequila. Lately I've gotten into drinking...
  13. MadePenniesToday

    $20 garbage find

    Would you have given back $114 or the $120?
  14. MadePenniesToday

    I think pax stole cash...

    I would still treat this as a lesson learned. Have more awareness when people are in your car. I myself just got betrayed by someone at work yesterday. I tried to make him feel comfortable at a new job when others gave him trouble.
  15. MadePenniesToday

    "I'll give you $100 to rate him 1 star."

    I'll trade as many 1*s for $100 each until I'm deactivated. And no, I'm not broke.