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    ➡️ Uber intends to Treat Drivers as contractors Despite California bill

    What the hell is so hard about this......you are either an employee or an independent contractor....choose....but you have to be able to do the fuctions of the classification....not one or the other when it suits you
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    Trips from New Jersey to NYC

    but your not considering the sweet tip you get......oh wait.....never mind....:thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:
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    Uber is pivoting

    So I get this survey from them asking if they could offer me loans whats my criteria?....This is Ubers way of saying that rideshare is not going to cut it as business. They need to branch out to new business and I guess the payday loan business is right up thier ally. They can prey on...
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    pax dont care about drivers.....they want the cheepest ride
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    I was just “gifted” 25 Uber Pro points

    this is another trick from the behavioral studies people at Uber.....they want the concentration on pro.....constant emails about pro qualifications....summary of your rewards...and uber pro point totals default after each trip....dont fall for it....
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    When is Juno coming to NJ

    Juno said it will not do pool rides in Jersey.....
  7. luckytown

    Tuition Benefit?

    a four year college course costs how much.............?????????.....and uber cant pay me more than 62 cents per mile....yea ok....
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    When is Juno coming to NJ

    Because pax are cheap....so if they can get 30% (for the first month)off rides in NJ when they are approved they will take them...hopefully in that month they can build a NJ base and grow from there.....
  9. luckytown

    When is Juno coming to NJ

    I went this week and signed up.....They said the same thing to me....We are waiting for approval.....They gave me the phone and lighted badge also....they also took my documents for vehicle and set it up in the app.....looks like they are trying to get customers because they want you sign up...
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    I noticed I keep getting the emails and the phone messeges on the app telling me the requirements and parameters for Uber Pro.....day after day week after week........and now i noticed that everytime I complete a trip it automatically defaults to the Uber Pro points total...even though I put it...
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    Is Rideshare Recession Proof? Part 3

    In the next three years Uber will have reported twelve quarters of earnings or lack there of.....I doubt this company will exist by then.....we will be in a big economic recession by then also......the reason will be all the high unemployment that will exist....the rich companies with thier big...
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    How long will we still be drivers for Uber?

    Uber is my part time gig....I have a real job......I use my uber cash for investing and primarily for retirement....I feel that Social Security will go by the wayside...I have like 15 years left....
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    How long will we still be drivers for Uber?

    This might be true.....but from an investment point of view there are better places to put your money....and by better I mean somewhere you can atually see a return.....There is great unemployment coming and I mean serious amounts of people without jobs....In the urban zones mass transit will...
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    How long will we still be drivers for Uber?

    As of today Ubers stock is at an all time low.....Wall street is not happy with earnings and everyone is starting to look at this unicorn for what it really is.....A cash burning completely clueless company with no assets, that is determined to develop a technology for self driving AVs......Im...
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    How will AVs handle the bar closings

    I assume people will still want to party in the future at bars and clubs.....how will AV handle the bar crowd...will there be barf bags installed....and they will definitely pool you in the future...its the business model for RIDESHARE