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    Daily Strategy for Full time NJ Drivers

    where do you get these figures....i tried finding this info....canyou please share...
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    Sami's Law Requirements

    So Uber temporarily deactivated me until I uploaded a new profile pic.....I did and was reinstated with in a couple of hours....I understand this happened because they are getting ready to send out the placards and our pic will be connected to this somehow....I also read the email explaining...
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    Is moving to XL worth it ?

    I do better with XL in the summer at the beach.....lots of Xl pax looking for biger cars....also the my market the pay is better down the shore (NJ)
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    Is moving to XL worth it ?

    Keep in mind Uber will send you long pickups with XL.....they will give you request for 11-15 mins away and alot of the time its only one pax....they figure you will accept because its XL and they dont pay pickup premium on XL......and its usually a short 5-7 min ride......good luck.....
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    Coronavirus and Driving Uber

    yes they all washed after the virus is in them already.....
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    Coronavirus and Driving Uber

    What makes you think you will be safe if you stay away from Rutgers????....Havent you watched any movies about virus....the cleaning crew at the airport that the student came in on is infected....the husband of the lady cleaning the plane is cooking at a resturant...the diners at the resturant...
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    Everytime I get the chance when Im Fort Lee I go to Hirams......they deep fry thier dogs....mmmmm....tasty.....if its the end of your can also get a brew there.....try it...I think you will be pleased....
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    What the hell is the Algo????

    Yea other drivers turned down a long ride going away from NYC from a good rates Pax that tips and they were much more closer than me.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:thumbdown:
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    What the hell is the Algo????

    That means Uber cares about me and is willing to make a good pax wait 15 mins in order to get thier share of the fare......Yea Right!!!!!
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    What the hell is the Algo????

    Ok....I know its January and it is slow....but I really dont undrstand the Algo....from what I heard for years its function is to take care of the Pax in the most effient way...I have been driving for over four years and I know my Market....Last night I knew that i was in a good area and that...
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    Official NYE recap thread

    called it quits at 10:30....made 225 in 7 hours...this is the worst NYE in 5 years.....if im still around next year im definitely taking off all the holidays....
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    Uber XL

    Uber will give you long pick-ups with XL.....Xl doesnt pay for long pickups.....they wager you will accept ping because its XL...when you get there it will be one person going a short distance and short your xl fare will be pennies more than x....
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    Getting back in the game

    your car will have a 2-3 year life.....then you need another or buy...
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    Ford Explorer bad water pump = Dead Engine

    Cars are lasting longer and a new car is easily over $25000....all car manufacturers are doing this to keep up thier profit line in the maintence and repair segments...
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    Uber hits an all time low today

    The fish always rots from the Head!!!!!!