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    Driving in Calgary Stampeed 2017??

    I had visited uber office ... i asked them how many do uber ... they said they will cross 200o this month ... they expect 3000 by year end .. approx 90000 registerd riders they have ... expect it to cross 100000 by july... not sure about stampede ... may be those who drove last year can say
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    Driving in Calgary Stampeed 2017??

    Edmonton has good numbers ... calgary what i hear have almost 2000 drivers and making 400-500 on 30-40hrs per week is considered good ... thats what i was told .. i am still in process of getting approved .. will provide my numbers when i start
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    Desperately seeking help

    Hello Everyone I am struggling with my kid to survive. I have a part-time job at grocery store but even after asking my managers I only get 10-15 hrs per week. Have been applying for full time jobs for quiet some time with no success at all. I couldn't bring milk for 2 weeks last month. Some one...