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    From BC to TV Star.

    Not everyone is cut out for Private Hire & Taxi industry. Who wants to spend 30 years confined in a box alone
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    Dear gents and lady Betty

    enjoy mate! Did you pay the £512 quarantine fee?
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    US or Britain ?

    Britain is like a hooker, doesn’t care who lives here as long they pay
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    £25 C-charge 24/7 soon

    It’s not easy driving a 9 seater full time.
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    Category Cars can be insured?

    Haven will insure you but only third party TfL no longer license cat cars unless you can show loads of paper and repair bills
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    There is some that still don’t realise. It’s £15 per day Tbh if you have tax bill of £12k doesn’t matter who you pay the tax to give the £5k to cc or tax both same
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    Today earnings

    That’s not a lot of hours That is 70 hours lol nearly every driver did those hours before Covid.
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    Today earnings

    Show the rest of the week. There is someone bound to be lucky
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    Today earnings

    Surely you would give up after 3 hours? But Kudos to you.
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    Uber rider kicked my car

    Let the police handle it. If the police don’t persue then use solicitor
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    Uber rider kicked my car

    There was story on The standard about a passenger from Richmond London kicking an Uber drivers car. He took the passenger To court and won damages. Press charges and Persue the guy until he comes back crying to you. Leave a CCJ on his credit file, uber will give details to the police if...
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    Yellow Badge....worth it?

    And you’re honest whereas Momo is trying to paint a picture that a cab driver is the same job a high paid consultant. It’s just driving a cab in London for the rest of your life and that is if Mr Sadiq Khan allows you.
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    OLA blocked my account

    Don’t worry they’ll reactivate you
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    Proof of purchase for test

    Yes even if scribble out a receipt it’s fine they will accept that. If you go without it they will fail you
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    Milage or petrol expenses claim

    Yes it does. You can’t claim both mileage and expenses