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Recent content by Lookingaround

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    Prius Alarm keep activating

    It’s the fuse.
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    Surge in central

    It’s fake sitting in Fulham at 1.7x no jobs lol
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    KAPTEN scam company!?

    Well done Gigia. No wonder I never got “Boss Aux please all last week”
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    Minimum trips per Month in Uber app

    None they won’t deactivate
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    is 007 on patreon?

    Why do you care? Leave him be lol
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    Kapten has sunk

    You forgot the mention the part where Someone is snorting Cocaine or getting a blowie from their assistance at the back Or how you always work when you’re needed as in 02am in the morning
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    £180 sounds sweet
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    Uber Dead on Tuesday 6

    Check your uber app there is 5 drivers in one road every road. If uber didn’t control our earnings you will be earning nothing lol
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    Cancelled on 11 times.

    X and Exec you make same money.
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    Kapten bonus

    Wrong place wrong time
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    £1,400 a week lol

    £1400-1600 possible but if you do every week. You will end in mental unit
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    Kapten vs uber

    He got job to red hill lol
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    cancellation rate

    1559662789 Mine is very low but now uber is not sending me sh1t customers. Before I had 40% lol
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    Tip of the week.

    Your getting old. Let them have fun lol as long as they don’t puke let them play their music etc sometimes they play good songs With their 25 50 Kg suitcases and them having a wank over Elena Cafe
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    Tip of the week.

    Relax bro it falls on a Wednesday not sat or Friday night lol