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    What? Why???
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    New UBER TOC This morning

    That was basically what I got out of it. No change in operations or policies from a practical standpoint, but some of their questionable stances spelled out in a more direct manner.
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    Adios UE

    This is exactly why we pushed you to complete the GrubHub onboarding even though you had no intention of driving for them at the time. It's always good to have another option prepped and ready to go in the event that your primary suddenly changes the rules on you.
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    New UBER TOC This morning

    As long as the Internet has been around, I don't understand why people still waste their time replying to trolls. Just ignore and move on. It's quicker, less hassle, and does not encourage trolls to continue their tactics. That's not why I'm here, though. I have been away for a while for the...
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    Did anyone else get this?

    I just got done reading the latest contract update, and they make it very clear that the Uber/driver relationship is not a partnership.
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    Ubereats wait time no pay

    Incidents like these are what encourage the restaurants to lie to us and tell us "about five more minutes" or "just a few more minutes" when they just got the order and haven't even started it yet. Personally, I prefer the restaurants (like the one that you described) that will be up front and...
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    What kind of animal are you?

    Hmm......and all this time I didn't think I was anybody's type.
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    Uber MATH

    Your guess is as good as mine.....
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    Boost means absolutely nothing

    Of course it does. I've been telling you guys this over and over and over. A multiplier is completely meaningless when the number that it is applied to is arbitrarily selected. Uber knows how much they want to pay for the delivery (the minimum amount that a driver will do it for). Then they...
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    Horrible app update cutting 40-50% profit for UE drivers!!

    Why do you care about your acceptance rate? A fixed-rate multiplier means absolutely nothing when the number that it is applied to is arbitrarily selected.
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    Mc Donalds after the lobby closes...? $3.. Yes or no...do you take these new low fares when the lobby closes? Yes or no

    I didn't accept these before the pay cut. I'm definitely not taking them now.
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    Why Is no one talking about this pay decrease!! I feel like im taking crazy pills!!!

    Every market is different, so I am not going to dispute the people that say that it is better. Maybe for them it is. In my market, though, it has been a pretty drastic pay cut. To the point that I just don't find most pings to be worth it. Pretty much the only time that I accept a ping now...
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    Not getting paid wait time

    That may be the fastest self contradiction I've ever seen.
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    Free Food Megathread

    Hey, homicide investigators gotta eat too.
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    Got my first big tip in weeks

    It must be unicorn season. The McDonald's and Taco Bell are literally right across the street from each other. I hit "Arrived" for the Taco Bell order while I was still in the McDonald's so that they would start the order. The two drop-offs were within a quarter mile of each other and about...