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    At Intersection Your Green Light Turns Yellow!; Q: Hit Brakes or Hit Gas Pedal?

    okay.... yellow lights burn for one second for every 10 miles per hour of speed limit in California. So in this case you had four full seconds to go through the yellow light before it would turn red. Slamming on the brakes is never my first reaction.
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    Who says you can't have a custom schedule as an employee? Uber is fighting this because it will COST them money, money they would have to pay drivers. The gig was OK when you kept 80%, that was years ago. Flexibility is up to Uber, they don't want to be flexible, they can, but they won't.
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    No more cab driving for me!

    Good luck twofiddy, they can't keep a Val down forever, you will find a better gig.
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    Prius owners - use conventional oil

    Sadly 0W-20 that most dealers/quick lube places use is "semi-synthetic" not the 100% synthetic most hybrids/late model cars need. buyer beware!