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    Insurance Question

    I bought a 2012 Toyota Highlander Limited which I only made 3 payments out of 60 I have to do. I got full insurance with Gap and everything. I understand that for Rideshare you need a commercial insurance to cover all the costs in case of a collision or something but Uber and Lyft don't care...
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    How does airport queue work?

    They use the "FIFO" System: First in, First Out.
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    Filtering distance question

    Not everybody has that option. I can filter only between deliveries, XL and X.
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    Too analytical?

    Problems with wife? Not the best place to get help.
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    Nice charge cord for riders.

    Probably was by mistake.
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    OK 28 days past. Everyone wins a 2star

    I dont care about ratings, I dont care about what they see on my profile, I only care about the G's.
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    [Advise Request] Buying A New Car

    As I said, I only drive to make no more $500 a month cause thats all I need from ridesharing.
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    [Advise Request] Buying A New Car

    Alright guys, my 2005 Mazda MPV gave me more that I was expecting and now I'm planing to pass it to a friend or family member because I'm seriously getting ready to buy a $23,000 3 row seat SUV (including 7% sales tax, DMV charges and any other documentation fees they might charge). I'm...
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    Making 1,500 on uber weekly.

    My average is 160 a week.
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    Warning - NJ transit work starts tomorrow

    How many pings we have to refuse first, 3?
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    First 43 Rides with No Tips Yet

    This is pretty good!
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    Mystro Goes Commercial

    10 dollars a month doesnt sound good for me, I pay already 10 us every month for Quickbooks Self-employed which is how I manage my income, expenses and miles. I cant add another service to my ridesharing income.
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    Best duel dashcam

    Knock yourself out:
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    New to me any one else

    Never seen that before, I will never follow their instructions. UBER is adopted.
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    NY promotions- I drive in NJ, fools

    Thats why you get that promotions dude...