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    Driving to surge - calculating if worth it or not

    The only surges worth driving to are the ones which are explainable, predictable and have a good chance of producing one or more highly profitable rides. Outside of those parameters it's just a gamble.
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    Uber’s Rise And Fall In One Map

    You do realize pretty much any business is a gravy train, right? T.G.I. Friday's was a gravy train. So was Pan-Am, Toys R Us, Blackberry, Pet Rocks, video rental stores, record stores, book stores, horse buggies, gold mining, long distance calling, mail order catalogs, shoe shining, dial-up...
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    Here is why Uber Comfort is a big insult to drivers

    I’ve already done the math for my market. Comfort is the best rate only for trips up to 2.75 miles. Getting a short one is difficult, though. Mostly it’s people trying to shop at Tiffany’s for Walmart prices.
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    Uber or Lyft

    I find it extremely annoying to have Lyft on and get nothing but super far pings, as if I’m gonna waste my time and money driving 12 minutes for a 2 mile ride. Add to that Lyft’s annoying pop-up every freaking time letting me know I can go offline if I don’t want rides. Lyft is literally like...
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    Your BEST TRIP.....EVER?

    Best single non-surge trip was XL Des Moines airport to Omaha airport. $165 net fare plus $100 tip for a total $265. About 3.5 hours total drive time.
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    Uber or Lyft

    In my market Lyft is full of riders who have to use prepaid debit cards, redeem as many "50% off" promos as they can, and/or live so far out that Lyft is the only option because they have a 30 mile range. Tipping is not something they're thinking about. Uber tends to have a higher quality of...
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    Lyft screws drivers

    "Engineers." More like interns without mentors. No night mode, GPS rarely re-routes & just keeps showing the original route, on iPhone it'll just stop working while minimized, messes up the audio on CarPlay, the UI is the opposite of intuitive, it's pink for Christ sake, allows requests from 20...
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    Lyft just ripped me off again!!!

    There's nothing good about Lyft anymore. No more surge (for us - the rider still pays surge), "power zones" are a cheap attempt to throw us a bone, no night mode, everything about the app is poorly engineered, now they're trying this 35¢/mile crap in some cities. The only thing I ever use it for...
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    Uber stealing tips?

    It's very strange for a rider to go through the trouble of making you watch them tip you. I agree with the earlier post - he wanted to make you think he tipped you so he'd get a good rating, never finalized it and just as he planned you're blaming Uber. I've only had a couple of riders do this...
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    The surge multiplier is back!!!

    Uber’s take on long trips is directly related to how many flat surges you’ve had where they lose money. If you have a few flat surges the rider didn’t pay for, Uber will take that money back on a long surge. If you’ve been doing regular trips and get a long surge, Uber will take less. It’s all...
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    The surge multiplier is back!!!

    The real question is, why aren't there more of them?
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    The surge multiplier is back!!!

    It's not entirely gone... the rider still pays the multiple and sometimes there's a glitch in the Matrix:
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    Why do you drivers ....

    I think the only fraud here is you. You're either lying about your husband, or you're telling the truth and you're crazy.
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    Jesus Effing Christ, Lyft

    If I’m a rider I’d probably rather have the driver... drive. I don’t want flashing lights everywhere and I don’t want to hear some random guy with crooked glasses sing. If I want a party bus I’ll get one (never). For god’s sake, it’s a ride from point A to point B, not America’s Got Talent...
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    DSM XL - No surge??

    Uber allows it, Lyft does not.