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    Can ubereats and door dash fund my stay in New York?

    I'm in Florida now and you guys took all my customers back :(
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    Can ubereats and door dash fund my stay in New York?

    I already deliver for Doordash and Caviar in Los Angeles. I'm hoping that transfers over to NYC. For the biking/walking in Manhattan, a lot of skyscrapers we have to scale?
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    Can ubereats and door dash fund my stay in New York?

    Hey guys I’m coming out to New York and wonder how ubereats and doordash are in nyc? Is it best to have a car or walk or bicycle. I must clear $100 daily. Possible in nyc?
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    UE Pay Cut South Florida

    Yes I got it for the Treasure Coast too. Yet they claim we help you make more money. The math says otherwise.
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    Dallas prosecutor fired after accusing lost Uber driver of kidnapping her in rant after night at bar

    You guys need to discover MGTOW to learn about female nature. That's where I've been for the past 6 months. This drunk has hit the wall, got baby rabies, but can't find a good man because they are all below her. The driver should have pressed charges rather than be a blue pill simp.
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    When's the last time you had bad gas??

    Cumberland Farms. Martin County. 2012. I had to buy special liquids and drain the tank. My scooter never was the same. Oh, my bad, Uber drivers talking about another type of gas.
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    My new record for an LAX ride!!!

    Of course you were
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    Just received this email from Uber this morning......

    lol driver continuing to earn minimum fares while uber makes extra cash by ripping off the passengers.
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    Uber is NOT a no-skill job!

    Agree. I see Uber reps approaching whinos of the street and getting them into car leases. They do the same thing in India with illeterates.
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    I'm starting my engine!

    LOL. I find it hilarious that Uber drivers are now understanding why taxi is so expensive. 1) Keep the cheap pax away. 2) Reward the driver Uber just turned you into modern day serfs. LOL. Technology company my butt.
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    Gett acquires Juno

    I called it over a year ago and said this a venture that Marco wants to make a quick buck off of. I doubt that drivers will now have any share in profits after this sale. Like mentioned back then, Marco pulled a SKG (Spielberg, Katzenberg, Geffen). Read up on how Dreamworks poached top talent...
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    Witnessed a robbery...

    Tell them it was your bandit light
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    Cop tells me not to pick up in the red

    Don't F with Santa Monica or any other classy LA County city cops.
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    Lyft lands $600 million in fresh funding

    Forgot millisecond.
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    Somebody hates Uber this much...

    Man, some people are just way too happy to be losers. When I was driving taxi and had to go to a function, first of all, nobody out of taxi knew I drove taxi, and I would ditch the cab in a dark alley several streets back.