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    Its uber down??

    The server was down from 230 to 300
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    It’s dead out here.....

    I picked 70/90 for the weekend and hit 70 rides, didn't bother to grind the other 20 rides. Way too many people working out there.
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    Weekend Quest offer for Nov. 6-8

    Only 21 rides since 1130 am
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    Weekend Quest offer for Nov. 6-8

    I don't think i will hit the quest this weekend, pretty slow out there right now, maybe tonight.
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    Weekend Quest offer for Nov. 6-8

    Just Uber X only.
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    Weekend Quest offer for Nov. 6-8

    I maxed out 12 hours on fri and sat, did 72 trips so on sun i finished the rest of the 18 trips then signed off for the day.
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    Weekend Quest offer for Nov. 6-8

    I hit 90 rides for $360 last weekend
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    How many hours are you averaging/ week?

    I worked 70 hours a week.
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    CA is going to lose rideshare

    It is also coming to Massachusetts too, don't forget that. If we are getting paid $25 an hours, we all going to drive very slow to milk the clock because there is no advantage to do more rides per week unless they offer trip incentives. If $25 an hour then we will all make $1000 a week with...
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    Anyone else making $3000 a week driving with Uber?

    Do you guys in California have limit of how long can you be online ?
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    Doing UE for 5 hours

    Anyone know what is the going rate on Uber X in Boston now ?
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    UberEat scam

    I stopped UE when they drop the minimum from $5.80 to $3.75
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    Uber Giving out Candy

    Under 10000 rides get $500
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    Uber IPO bonus I will be receiving $500

    If you did 12000 rides then you get $1000, i got $500 for 8000 rides, two of my friends said they got $10000 for over 20000 rides. 1555048334 Only $100 ?
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    Rate Analysis & perspectives

    I drove Uber for almost 3 years then stopped driving for a year because i got a new job with free company car and gas, just thinking about buying a car to drive part-time and now forget about it.