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    Current UberEats rates in LA?

    I’m only doing it because I need that free ASU course. If not they can go @@@@ the sleeves.. 🤣🤣🤣😅
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    Current UberEats rates in LA?

    1590196995 Just followed the map since it was next to the 405. I keep asking for the rates per mile and per minute and they refuse to give them. 1590197086 Here’s a screenshot of the route travel and the miles they showed I drove apparently
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    Current UberEats rates in LA?

    I had a trip of 18 miles and they only paid for 9.1 that the app showed. Trip was from Westwood to Universal Studios. I’ve asked them for the mileage and time rate but they keep replying with a generic answer
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    Current UberEats rates in LA?

    Anyone know what the current UberX and UberEats rates are for the LA market? Uber refuses to release that to me to dispute fares..
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    Uber says it will verify drivers with PIN numbers

    They tried this at Coachella 2 years ago and we were cherry picking trips.. if you aren’t going far enough then you ain’t getting in my car. It didn’t work out so well for people going down the street.. LOL
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    Lyft's new weekly ride challenge to drivers

    I hope everyone read exactly the terms of the new so called Bonus.. IF YOY QUALIFY ONE WEEK YOU WONT QUALIFY FOR THE NEXT.. so it’s not a weekly thing
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    Moving to Orlando from LA good pay wise?

    I been driving both Uber and Lyft in the Greater LA Market for about 3 years now and I’m looking for a cheaper and easier life because paying $2,000 rent for a 2 bedroom is getting pricey here. I see Orlando and Jacksonville as options since rent is cheap but how is ridehsaring pay? I do it full...
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    Moving to Jacksonville from Los Angeles.. is the money good here driving for Uber?

    I'm asking if money is good because I'm used to making $250 bucks daily driving 10 hours and I usually drive 5 days a week which isn't bad but the demand in LA is bigger and it allows those numbers.. I notice JAX area doesn't have UberPool which is a killer for drivers in big cities but I don't...
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    Self Employed or Employees of Uber?? Better read this and find out yourself if you don't believe me.

    There is an app called TripLog which I use and it tracks my miles automatically, take picture of fuel receipts, insurance, car payment, food, etc
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    Estimated fare price

    Google maps is rounding up the trip
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    Estimated fare price

    Just wait until you have the need to use their insurance.. they will ignore you and forget you
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    Self Employed or Employees of Uber?? Better read this and find out yourself if you don't believe me.

    Yes and no.. the pay will stay the same but the percentage they take is more now.. I heard that in San Diego they are keeping 35% of the trip to them and this is a pilot program.. hopefully it doesn't come to LA
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    Self Employed or Employees of Uber?? Better read this and find out yourself if you don't believe me.

    They had a feature that if you returned to the staging area in less than an hour after a pick up, drivers won't have to wait for another request forever since they would be bumped to the front of the queue.. that's why short trips were a good way to stay busy but as of December 19, 2016 they...
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    Ticked off airport queue

    You need to do what I do while at LAX queue, after 2 ignore trips, it will kick you out but don't ignore them.. accept them if they are not airport pick ups and immediately call the PAX and tell them that the app is acting up and your actually 22minutes away and they can cancel right away to...