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    They did one time, it was express pool in the hood. The one I mentioned above was for refusing a wheelchair that wouldn't fit.
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    You get what you pay for. We deal with drunks and psychos. They need to ask the hotel where the pickup is. 4 deactivations, so far. The last one was because i could not get 2 huge bags, 2 duffel bags, 2 people, and a wheelchair in my jeep. Silly me.
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    I was attacked by a Lyft PAX

    3rd no you cant sue Lyft many have tried before you but maybe you will luck out. If this passenger has ever been unruly or dangerous before, and Lyft knew about it and did not deactivate, I would think he would have a case with Lyft. 1559717413 Terrible advice. If the guy has money, sue for...
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    New Car

    Congrats on main job income. I am almost done, as well (as little as possible)
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    New Car

    For 10 rides you are so antsy you cannot wait for tags? Ok. Most drivers do more than 10 in one day, let alone a month. So you know, Uber / Lyft don't pay for dings, scratches, etc. And, on accidents there is a $1k deductible for Uber and $2500 for Lyft. When you cannot shove that...
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    Well today Tues 6/4/19...Lyft rolled out Flat rate surge

    Flat rate is coming on Uber, too. We got it in Vegas a few months ago.
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    New Car

    Buy a used car for 6k. Using a new acura is stupidity. Harsh, but you need to hear it.
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    Driver Poll - Lyft Medical Patient Transport Service

    I just got deactivated/reactivated (this morning) after refusing a wheelchair. Mine was two people at the airport with 2 huge bags, 2 duffel bags, and a wheelchair. I tried to fit it all in and it wouldn't fit. I even tried to put the seat down but it was one of those folding chairs and they...
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    World Series of non tippers

    It's because they see their daily expenses coming out of daily winnings and lowers their hourly win rate. Winnings - hotel - transporation = net profit
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    Im free !!!!

    Me, too. My Bachelors in Software Development will be complete and tech sidework will float me until then. F u c k uber/lyft. My exit ramp is within sight.
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    Lyft weekly ride challenge gone?

    I get the lousy 'guarantee' ones that I ignore. I only had the bonus a handful of times the last year. Maybe 3.
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    Proof Our Strike Worked - look at video Uber just placed on your app!

    https://www.wsj.com/articles/uber-and-lyft-face-tough-test-of-finding-and-keeping-drivers-11557673863 behind paywall, though
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    YOu can also tell when you approach them, they will be dressed for EDC. I will pretend I have a personal emergency and cancel.
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    Proof Our Strike Worked - look at video Uber just placed on your app!

    Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal did an article on Uber's driver retention problem. It said over 60% of drivers quit by 6 months. It's over 70% for women drivers.