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    Selling water bottles

    I had a female pax once who felt a little dehydrated. She picked up my water bottle from between the front seats and proceeded to drink it. When she left the car she took it with her.. I just went to the back and got a new one from my cooler bag.. hope she didn't get sick from my boy germs!!
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    Coronavirus Alert for Adelaide

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    Coronavirus Alert for Adelaide

    Well I wouldn't wear it into the bank... Nothing wrong with a bit of kinky... Makes life more interesting..
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    Coronavirus Alert for Adelaide

    Any of you guys wearing masks if pax have masks on?
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    The Qld government are not changing the laws governing the use of mobile phones. Just the penalties.
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    No more ants

    More like fake taxi...😋
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    No more ants

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    Pros and cons aof a REnault Zoe.

    Why even think about it?
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    It was very quiet yesterday night! Any one guess the reason?

    I think drinking Corona will cure the problem for everyone 1580464631 New dress regulations for rideshare drivers to come into affect
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    Observation from a new driver

    Try Ola that are pretty good and I heard you can get lots of trips from them on the Gold coast. Be very wary of Didi tactics now they have changed to advance. I call it retreat.. I just realised you cannot use the word rettard here.. It's treated the same as the f word... Or maybe it's the...
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    No new drivers at all

    I wish they would cap the numbers here on the sunshine coast. Last count I was given 2 months ago was over 4000 and climbing! We are getting less and less jobs everyday. I wish Ola would get as popular here as it is in Brisbane. That might help a bit... I don't even bother with Didi anymore...
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    Destination filter frustration

    Are the ghosts similar to ubers Ghost cars on the Pax app??
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    Is uber breaking the law?

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    Is uber breaking the law?

    The one that got me thinking. was a young guy going to the Uni up here... His name came up in Arabic symbols... I have no idea how to ask him if he was my Pax or not!!! He looked like a BT with back pack, but just sat there in the front starring out the windscreen... I didn't know until then...