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    Pre-SXSW Ant Training -

    Then don't read it. The software has an ignore feature. Click my name over to the left and then you will see an ignore button. Click that and never see another word from me! Some of what I write is a contribution and some of it is just venting. Some of what I read is for information and...
  2. JustTreatMeFair

    Pre-SXSW Ant Training -

    Uber2 - Save that for April! Let's focus on how to get more money of the Ants these next couple of weeks! Uber1 - OK. What have you got? Uber2 - I'm thinking...... Uber1 - HEY! It's working downtown. Let's try replacing surge with Quests at the airport. Shitload of people coming in right...
  3. JustTreatMeFair

    Pre-SXSW Ant Training -

    Tuesday 3/5 Uber2 - You were right! Austin / Rush Hour / Little to No Surge / $2 Quest and Ants everywhere we need them! Uber1 - LMAO! Yup. I told you! So I'm thinking..... 13 cents a minute and 56 cents a mile!
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    Pre-SXSW Ant Training -

    So very true. Some times of the day you will need to think through your route in relation to the closures not just TO the destination but getting out. I spent 94 minutes in traffic driving 5 city blocks before I could escape the area one night, 1551731266 There are many odors that is just not...
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    Pre-SXSW Ant Training -

    Uber1 - Whatcha think? Remove or minimize Surge and replace it with Quests? Uber2 - Yeah! Surge tends to cost us more on longer rides when we adjust the amount up. We don't have to do it with Quest! Uber1 - That's my thinking as well. Then we can reduce the Quests! Uber2 - But will they...
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    Any drivers who were deactivated please join me for a lawsuit

    No they won't. They are not going to admit to filing a false statement having already cost a driver 2 days of income. Now would Uber be a part of it. They would be setting themselves and the passenger up for slam dunking a class action lawsuit by collecting the confession.
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    I applaud the efforts made in 2016

    I don't believe that is the case. There is no shortage of people driving here in Austin that "believe" they make money driving.
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    Never! Simply never tell anyone you drive RideShare.

    There is absolutely nothing good that can come from it. On the other hand you might Get turned down for credit Get turned down for home rentals Get denied or canceled from your Auto Insurance Provider - Get your vehicle repossessed A tenant in a rental I oversee was 15 days behind on...
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    Many Thousands of Rideshare drivers defaulting on car loans

    Pickup 2 Secured Credit Cards and a car a couple of years old, make all your payments on time and your credit score will be low 600-640 inside of 6 months after discharge. Funnel as much extra money towards that car payment as possible with continued payments on time inside of 2 years you can...
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    You can't drive for long and NOT learn something you did not know before

    That had to be a disappointing moment for you. It saddens me to have grandchildren in that mix
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    I applaud the efforts made in 2016

    It astounds me that people can't see how badly they are getting screwed and how taking a shot at effecting change could help. So many ideas could work..... Drive half the days and make more? Look at the last digit on a license plate. A-M and Odd numbers drive on Odd number days. N-Z and Even...
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    Meter - Increases Tips and initiates Riders asking for information on RideAustin

    On Uber it's within 2-3 cents every time. I guess I need to see what they charge to open up multiple fares to build all the needed fare structures to cover all rides.
  13. JustTreatMeFair

    I've always drove with two phones in use. One now increases my tips!

    sarcasm from a passenger deserves a fitting reply. "I tried but getting through the background investigation for a taxi company as a convicted felon proved to be much harder than I anticpated"
  14. JustTreatMeFair

    How long till this type of Speed Cams come to US?

    Why would they care who is driving the vehicle. It's the vehicle they are insuring and if it is being driven in a manner they deem wreckless they can use that information to raise rates or refuse coverage.