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    What was the distance of the journey?
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    A tip sent from Heaven.

    You can select the option for “custom amount” and enter anything from £0.01 to £50.00 (max)
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    Pre Booked work

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    Is Minicabbing hard?

    I think this driver must be a follower/subscriber to your website Doc 😂
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    PHV inspection!

    Well done young grasshopper 👍🏽 Lesser ants 🐜 would have straight volunteered the issue. I think Ricky Roma said it best:
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    Flat Tire Punishment

    More like: “We’ve disabled your vehicle... You’re welcome” 😂 The cheek of it: Trigger happy to waitlist and I bet they take their time re-activating too.
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    Is Minicabbing hard?

    Are you missing those electric doors yet mate? 😀 I think I’d like the fob operable option. Very swish 😎
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    PHV inspection!

    Yep. Very lucky. Yellow lights are just for info. Examiner likely mistook it for the front passenger airbag ACTIVATED. So just info to not put a child seat there.
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    Partnering in Milton Keynes

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    What’s new from everyone

    Yep 😂 Anyone got any ideas how to remain under the cancellation radar whilst brooming the undesirable jobs? @Gilga @uubbeerr what say you guys? Any tips?
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    Is Minicabbing hard?

    Oi. You're being discriminatory too: You forgot the Biblical brothers who's instructions on beards in Leviticus pre-date Islam by some considerable margin. Society has tried to flip the script with the term "clean shaven" when scripturally it is actually UNclean to destroy the beard.
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    Issue with up loading documents.

    What was the REASON your document was rejected? I'm sure you've realised by now that simply re-uploading it won't rectify the issue. Even if you do so 28 or 228 times.
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    Some Algorithm knowlege

    Greetings from across the pond. Over here in London we have a huge problem with oversaturation. There are too many Uber drivers. 45,000 ants in London alone 🐜 The shituation is so embarrassing that Uber had to restrict the evidence. So in the last couple years, Uber changed the rider...
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    What’s new from everyone

    How long have you been driving for Uber mate?
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    Hamsa says: "I give out water to all of my riders, if they offer me tips; I tell them to give them to charity instead." https://www.uber.com/en-GB/blog/london/london-sixth-star-hamsa/ 1555263270 They used to give £50 if you were in the top 1% in five consecutive weeks. But that's only the...