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    Could a rider steal me away from Uber?

    Congratulations! Life after uber with a not dead-end job is pretty refreshing.
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    Adios uber! Finally got a real job

    Work has been awesome so far. My colleagues are really fascinated and curious as to what it's like being an uber driver. Before I came along, they didn't realize just how little we make.
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    I finally got a job! I quit uber! I'm free!

    I finally got a job! I quit uber! I'm free!
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    Adios uber! Finally got a real job

    But now I'm thinking. I just might go out and drive one last time and do everything I've wanted to do but never had the cojones to do due to fear of a bad rating. This might prompt a pax complaint and an email follow-up, and then I can give them the middle finger.
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    Things pax will no longer see

    And I never once had a pax whine about high rates, even single XL riders. Even the few surge rides I would get didn't seem to faze the pax much.
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    Adios uber! Finally got a real job

    I actually am a Republican hahaha
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    XL Guarantee Pays Less Than X

    I never once worked the guarantees. Before I quit, I was making much more than the guaranteed amount, even on slow nights.
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    Adios uber! Finally got a real job

    My former boss didn't seem to really care at all either way. Funny thing is that he's from Dallas, and Dallas drivers are really suffering from s**t fares. In the interest of protecting my privacy, I'm not gonna name where exactly my boss is from as it's a dead giveaway, but I hope as paid...
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    got a message from Uber about surge today

    Proud to say that I've officially quit. Finally got a real job. I'm not gonna actually quit though; I'm gonna let them beg and grovel and tell me how great of a driver I am before they deactivate me. I want to irritate them and make them jump through as many hoops as possible.
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    Adios uber! Finally got a real job

    These past few weeks, I've been feeling pretty f***ing hopeless. I graduated from a prestigeous school in May and largely to my fault, I didn't have a job lined up. Since I commissioned in the National Guard, I kinda figured I'd be at BOLC by October anyway. Turns out they pushed my date to...
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    a little levity- pee jug mishap !

    And that's why a large Gatorade bottle is always on my things to bring list before a night out driving.
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    Drive Uber With Dirty Exterior

    I rarely ever washed my uber mobile, but I always kept it clean on the inside.
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    Time for a strike

    That's my biggest reservation about law school. In my heart of hearts, I dream of becoming a big shot lawyer, but the market is flooded with them, and law school ain't cheap. Then again, I'm shooting for the T-14 law schools with UVA being my top choice. Either way, it'll be fun as a lawyer to...
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    theres only 1 realistic way to stop the rate cuts

    From the way I see it, uber's #1 priority isn't profits at this point; their #1 priority is becoming universal. They seem to care more about replacing public transportation, cabs, and eventually private car ownership. If this costs them a lot in potential profit for now, so be it.
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    Time for a strike

    As of today, I've come to terms with the fact that cab driving (that's all uber drivers are, glorified cab drivers) is a low wage, low skill job. With my education, I've decided it's not worth the disrespect and shit we all go through anymore. This rate cut for XL was just plain wrong, about a...