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    PCN-homerton fire station- pay or challenge?

    The fact that a few drivers think this is unfortunate shows the problem with London's roads. You cannot enter a box junction of until you're exit is clear, you entered, and your exit wasn't clear. Bang to rights. Just be patient next time
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    Cabbies, where up to????

    Part of the half a million that Uber have paid the Evening Standard.
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    Uber going public next year

    Haven't thy been saying that since 2014?
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    Uber has applied for a 18 month application to please TFi

    Lol. Doesn't matter. To be relicensed they need to take the bookings in London, which will subject them to tax and VAT, which they won't do as that will open the floodgates.
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    Uber to give all drivers FREE insurance

    :D Good one
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    Uber- the drug delivery company.

    Traceable :D If the FBI can't get personal information out of Uber, what chance do you think our soppy MET will have?
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    Uber to give all drivers FREE insurance

    Nothing is EVER free. The insurance company will never pay out anyway
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    A black cab driver working with Uber!!

    Yellow Badges are still here and working. If it was true they'd have left for Uber years ago, obviously it isn't.
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    A black cab driver working with Uber!!

    No body can sack a Black Cabbie, they work for themselves. And why would you move from Rate 3 to £1/mile?? :D
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    No Waze anymore?

    I never understood why BC's didn't cotton on to the fact that Waze relies on it's drivers reporting incidents. All they have to do, is constantly report accidents that aren't there
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    On Saturday I didn't eat from 7:30am 2 9:30pm

    Its the Nitrates in some bacon that cause cancer. Not the pork, and you can easily buy nitrate free Bacon.
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    Inland Revenue

    Lol. This is not, and will not ever happen. They are doing their usual trick of spreading rumours in order to promote goodwill, and get their license back. Then they'll keep putting it off, and off, and off, and off...
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    Is uber not taking new drivers ?

    Yeah but one of those is massive. No way will they start taking bookings via a London based office (as is the law) and have to start paying tax and VAT.
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    Applying for PCO (Journey at 21 years of age.) April 2018

    No one who works for Uber has any pride. It's not possible to have self-esteem and take all the crap the cheapo pax will throw at you.
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    what will happen to uber if loses workers rights case.

    The govt will introduce new laws that take the gig economy into account. It's always been there, but the workers in it got paid enough to fund their own hols, sick, pension etc... Companies like Uber have taken it to it's lowest conclusion. Before, no company would believe that someone would...