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    Let’s hear it for Uber 🎉

    My response to them once, after doing a long-ride with surge, and finding that they had taken over 40% also, was, "At what point did you physically get behind the wheel of my car --- the only person, besides my mechanic and car wash, was my girlfriend, to move it out of the driveway --- to...
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    $400 for 27 rides.

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    Passenger urinated in my car and didn’t tell me

    I gave up playing water polo. Could never teach my pony to swim
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    Passenger urinated in my car and didn’t tell me

    Man, I'm so sorry, brother. That's messed-up, cleaning you out of your entire bowl of Starbursts! Inconsiderate louts!
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    Dude was drunk tonight standing out in cold at bar close.

    nitrous oxide level indicator
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    Her stiletto meets my headliner

    "This all"? Or him? 🤔🤫 🤭
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    Anyone driving today ?

    After New Year's, it's dead as a door nail, until perhaps Valentine's Day weekend. It picks up again in March, with all the local St. Paddy's Day celebrations and warmer weather
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    Aspergers Driver

    As someone who's worked in the field providing services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (over 15 years, plus a BA in Psychology), @Mkang14 is right on-target. Dude, don't be insensitive and dismissive (and you're obviously not the only one coming off as...
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    Light em up

    A powerful flashlight should do the trick. Unfortunately, however, too many pax don't leave on a front light, they don't place their house number in a conspicuous place, or it's obstructed, if present at all. Then they get in a huff, informing me that I'd driven past them (especially when...
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    Need honest opinions

    My half-brother has been in trouble with the law since a teen, too. He's now in his early-30s, exhausted all of Dad's savings and stock investments on legal fees and fines, plenty of jail time, and, although he's been out for less than a year (I think; I've cut ties but get updates through my...
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    New Years Eve

    Honestly, but for the holidays, I think it's the opposite 1577925858 Without the Quest promotion, there was no way I would have stayed out ... or even gone out at all.
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    New Years Eve

    Patchogue at 2 AM was surging at $16; I grabbed myself a few. My full-time job was only open from 9 AM-noon, but we were paid for a full-day. I then Ubered from 12:30 until 6 PM (was crap), went home, ate dinner while watching the map, headed back out a little after 8. I'd planned on staying out...
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    Please Help, Where Can I rent Car for Uber and Lyft?

    Did you factor-in insurance? Gas? Plus, it's not $214 flat; there are taxes+fees, etc.
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    Pick up fee for NYE?

    With no more surge multipliers, no one knows what it's going to be like, but I don't think that it'll be as profitable as NYEs past