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    Uber threatens to deactivate my work app over arbitrary customer rating system

    Well so you think waiting 30 mins in the drive thru line is a good a idea is good service to your customers. Have you ever ordered through the system for yourself? I really don't think many UE drivers have ever ordered for themselves even though it clearly states that one of the most beneficial...
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    Storm's Coming

    You must not be following real news and you are a fake news addict, the spread in USA has slowed down, and with warm weather coming there is a good chance the curve will flatten. Keep fantasizing and dreaming about the demise of America, watch us americans prove you wrong over and over and over...
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    I know there's a lotta reasons to bellyache, but...

    Do you ever mind your business or do you have a sick obsession with me it's not healthy you know might want to go see a psyche doctor, because you have issues. I'm pretty sure 99% posts on here are to complain, so I'm one of the normal ones, you are on here obsessively being my number one fan...
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    I know there's a lotta reasons to bellyache, but...

    That's what I was wondering I've always been told the same thing to have saving to sustain me for 3 months. Yet that's all I see on the news these restaurants and small stores saying they will be closed forever just because they have been shut down for 2 weeks. Oh by the way I've seen the GMC...
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    corona, eats, and order fulfillment delays

    The strange thing is I used to work in food service well just about everyone had their first job in that sector, and I remember the food inspector would come with a food thermostat and checking if everything is up to code, and then you get a grade on your restaurant and that grade by law has to...
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    corona, eats, and order fulfillment delays

    There needs to be a lot of changes some of the Panda Express food scoopers still aren't wearing gloves, and UE really needs to push closed and sealed drinks only, most sandwich places already do so they only provide closed coke and minute maide bottles. That would be much more sanitary and...
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    Great advice from Uber

    Yep I was at a restaurant today I wanted to make sure my hands were clean so I asked to use the restroom and the manager said nope it's closed, I'm pretty sure thats a violation of health and sanitation codes, you can not open your establishment without proper facilities
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    A restaurant owner's take on Uber Eats..........

    All I have to say is there are a lot of people these who suck at basic math
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    Official coronavirus lockdown

    I don't give give a sheet what you think post dumbass bullsheet and I will put you down and you put you in you're place, keep playing stupid games son, and you will win stupid prizes
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    Customers and Thumbs Down.

    We already have another thread going on this and the answer is to avoid McDonald's and fast food places, the customers for those places are just really low IQ individuals, that's a scientific fact, they did studies that kind of diet leads to lower IQ. So your best to avoid them, on the other...
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    Not Trying To Be A Downer-BUT

    I just had a customer ask me about that, and I told her I don't have anything to do with the prep of your food, all I touched is your bag. So if they get sick it ain't from me they got it from bad food prep practices. And oh yeah BTW which one of you drivers still dumb enough to be filling and...
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    Official coronavirus lockdown

    Strange how quickly the leftist media blames trump for this, but all the E Coli outbreaks, and SARS under Obama it was crickets from the media. Oh and Fast and Furious scandal, Bengazi, even Ukraine, and Russian meddling in our elections you do realize all of that happened under Obama right...
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    Satisfaction ratings

    Oh Jesus Christ yeah take a chill pill, and be smart where do business. Stay away from trash establishments and trash neighborhoods. Hell I just got a thumbs down because I said this guy's name wrong. Who the hell cares, these customers need to be kissing our azzez, we are breaking down our...
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    UberEats Deactivation for “Fraud”

    I was just going to say the same thing everyone be careful with all these new customers you know they will try to claim fraud on the delivery, so be extra careful everyone avoid fast food runs and like I said strange and odd names
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    UberEats Deactivation for “Fraud”

    Doing eat you really just have to be careful for one really avoid McDonald's and fast food runs, last summer because it was slow I was doing a lot of fast food and almost every week I would get a possible fraud warning. When things picked up I stopped doing mcdonalds and the fraud warnings went...