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    Celebs/Famous People you have picked up

    He used X. And, he made like 20 million last year.
  2. JMBF831

    Free cars for 25% or SDC for 100%

    RamzFanz Sorry, your ideas wont work. You forget that Uber has little overhead and is LOSING money. Try again.
  3. JMBF831

    Celebs/Famous People you have picked up

    Saint Motel is amazing. Nice! I drove this guy: Very polite, very generous. Good dude all around.
  4. JMBF831

    Uber resumes self-driving program three days after Arizona crash

    The article says that it wasn't Uber's fault but the human-driver.
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    Free cars for 25% or SDC for 100%

    A few things I think about regarding Uber going the SDC route How will they accommodate car washes/gas fill ups/cleaning out trash left inside cars Car storage. Right now everyone parks their cars at home/driveway when done. Uber cars will park, where? Will they come "back home" at the end of...
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    Just witnessed a lady order uberx for her and 4 kids

    That could be true, too. But my rating is high enough to where I stand my ground but still drive 4 total. Never 5. Ever.
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    Hi, Travis. CAUGHT
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    Stupidest question?

    "Do they pay for your gas?" "Has anyone ever puked in your car?" Yeah...And you're sitting right where someone puked...lol
  9. JMBF831

    Just witnessed a lady order uberx for her and 4 kids

    I do the same and DO NOT drive them until I have 4 total passengers. Period.
  10. JMBF831

    Uber promo for Apr 24

    25 for $95 75 for $180
  11. JMBF831

    1000 Trips Notification

    Well, I don't think I said I was expecting something. I was making a statement. Are you expecting something?
  12. JMBF831

    1000 Trips Notification

    I'm approaching 7,000 trips and still haven't gotten a thing. Mind you, I have 4,000 5-star rides and a 4.92 rating, too. Ha
  13. JMBF831

    Want to know what is killing your surge?

    LOL False Maybe in your community, to a slight degree it will effect surge. To a SLIGHT degree. There are many other reasons why. Think deeper.
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    People are hailing an Uber instead of calling 911 for emergencies and it could cost you your life

    I've had two drunk girls pee, but never a crap *knocks on wood as I go out to drive Saturday night*
  15. JMBF831

    Pax starts crying because I wouldn't go 711

    *used to