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    ALLtime - Your favorite NFL player and coach?

    Steve Largent a first class guy on and off the field, and not afraid to pay back or some cheap shots. Montana would be my favorite id not for Largent. Coach Pete...
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    Does Uber drivers do pickup and delivley of items

    I got a ping from a local refinery that was far enough away to get a long pickup fee. Turned out the security guard had his wife's keys in his pocket. He asked me to give the keys to the wife about 15 minutes away, who was locked out of the house, standing in the cold. I got a pretty good tip...
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    Wheres your delivery bag?

    When I started Eats around a year ago, I was not offered the option of getting an insulated bag, so never have used one. I recently received one for Doodash, so may try using that until it proves to be too much trouble.
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    Do you guys do anything more than "deliver to door"

    In my area, delivery instructions almost always are to wait in the car for the person to pick up. If the customer does not show up in 5 minutes, I can cancel, get paid for the trip, and do whatever I want with the food. Only once was I instructed to deliver away from the car. That was to a...
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    Is it worth investing in snacks and chargers?

    I've been at this part time for about three months. I have one three headed cord in the seat back pocket attached to a charger in the center console, so it can't walk away. Have had a few use it, but doubt it has generated any tips. It is also there for my wife to use when she is in the car. I...
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    why did this happen?

    Interesting. I learned something today. Thanks
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    why did this happen?

    I thought I would be better off taking a chance on another ride.
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    why did this happen?

    I picked up a guy with car trouble,and gave him a ride to a hardware store to pick up a tool to make the repair. I told him I would sit in the parking lot and wait,but if I got another ping I would take it. In this small town this place was as good as any to wait for the next ping. I did not...
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    New driver question concerning Bellingham region.

    Did you ever test it out? I was in Seattle yesterday with family.Wife drove home,so I played with the Uber and Lyft apps. Lyft showed me as online,but I never got a single ping the whole drive home. Uber said I was only eligible for deliveries until somewhere between the Stanwood exit and...
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    uber eats driver helpful hint going into restaurant

    Most of the places I've picked up so far, including McDonalds, have a designated spot for delivery pickup. One local Dairy Queen offers a free drink while I'm waiting as well as a punch card for a free Blizzard after 5 deliveries. Most seem to want to get the order out as fast as possible, so...
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    My Uber Eats Navigation voice stopped working

    my navigation voice will not work if I am connected to the bluetooth in my car.
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    Rider cancelled,app continued navigating

    Was using Uber navigation I just cancelled the ride and waited in that spot for the next ping.
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    Rider cancelled,app continued navigating

    Yesterday I got a ping and started heading that direction,then got notice that the rider cancelled. The app still was navigating,so I thought the cancel notice was some sort of glitch. Got to the pick up spot and no rider around. The app would not let me text or call the rider. A total waste of...
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    New driver question concerning Bellingham region.

    I'm only doing part time and almost exculsively during the day. Most days I get as much as I want,some days can be pretty slow. I'm still learning the best times and places to be available.