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    So what in the actual @@@@ is happening? I havent gotten thru an agent yet. UI filed but not PUA. Do we file both or is it automatic? Or can we avoid the phone bs? since its always busy and once you get thru you get hung up on. Someone shed some light, and whoever got the benefits is it from UI...
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    Unemployment office “ call rejected”

    You are the man bro. Im guessin you still gotta call to let em know right?
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    Unemployment office “ call rejected”

    How do you upload your 1099s online? I got thru after 52 calls only to be hung up on after...
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    First week of May

    For the 1099 was from 2019 or 2018? Does it matter if you didnt file for this year?or do they just care about the 1099?
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    F.A.Q. on Stimulus Checks, Unemployment and the Coronavirus Bill...

    Is this all set and approved?
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    Stay home.

    Going to Whitman Massachusetts for the next 2 weeks to my bro in laws house with a big backyard and a basketball hoop plus gym in the basement and my lovely lady coming along. Not that i need a reason but yes ill stayhome big daddy @ubernyc
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    Professional drivers in the states

    Eh while you may have a point to study something different, i say pro drivers should be still the standard. Gps is a blessing and a curse. You can see where to go turn after turn but then you never learn navigation as is. Uber ruined that niche of being a career driver which existed and many ppl...
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    Use your own judgement.

    Imma chill fpr 2 weeks and assess from there. Cases are skyrocketing and we are at the epicenter of the outbreak
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    Use your own judgement.

    Its a pandemic. Anyone who works now have def a loose srcew up there. I get everyones situation is differenr but this is why you have to have savings. I aint risling my life for 5.39
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    Professional drivers in the states

    Hes talking about "the knowledge" they need to know london backwards and forwards to be able to drive a black cab the equal of the medallion here. I think thats the way it should be this way the ppl who do it are pros for the long run. You used to be able to do 50k pounds driving black cab in...
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    We are on Cuomo's exempt list

    Now we are needed? Yea no, im off till second week of april. No use dealing w sick ass ppl for pennys. What if you catch the virus? Then what? Be sick and quarantined? I rather be healthy and quarantined.
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    Sign petition

    Done. Bcf needs to helps us
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    How many people work today, how was work

    W one client now. Looks like $45 plus tip in 1.5hrs. Dont think imma try apps today. Base is dead.
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    Damn 2021 NYS inspection sticker is blue

    I love you for this lol
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    Fake surge

    Didnt get a single ride. Yet....