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    Has Anyone Received An Uber Arbitration Settlement Payment

    So, basically, it’s ONE driver who @@@@ed everyone over? This is absolutely ridiculous. Are we getting any more money? If not, why the @@@@ did he do this?
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    Lichtenstein & Liss-Riodan, P.C. Settlement Checks

    ‘this is 100% false. checks are not going out then.
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    Has Anyone Received An Uber Arbitration Settlement Payment

    For people who have opted out of arbitration?
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    Settlement in Hood v. Uber Technologies, Inc., et al. NOT a Liss-Riordan matter

    Thank you so much for posting this!!! I was wondering the same thing, as well. I wasn’t sure weather or not it would affect the other lawsuit. Thanks so much!!
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    Exciting news

    So, it’s 37 cents a mile? Was that the final claims rate?
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    Exciting news

    Now that the fairness hearing is over, I wonder when they will be able to figure out the individual recovery rate, for each individual driver who is part of this class action. The website still says it’s waiting for the fairness hearing, and isn’t updated yet.
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    Exciting news

    According to this, I’m getting at least $6,900, and I didn’t count years 2017-to now. That’s if, the claims rate is $0.37 cents a mile for a passenger in the car. From 2017 onward, it’s “online miles” which I haven’t factored in. Is there anyway I can get that information? All I see is...
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    UBER manipulates ratings

    They absolutely manipulate ratings. It's gotten to the point, where I don't really care what my rating is. Just the other day, I got less than a 5 from a passenger (who I'm 99% sure I know who, she got a 1 from me, so it doesn't matter). Only to see my rating go up .01 of a point. Strange...