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    Valspar Championship - 3/12

    If I arrange something else it won't be with one of the local transportation companies. If anyone is in the Innisbrook Resort/Palm Harbor area and wants to start their Saturday night with a decent fare I will be on the app around 6:00-6:30p, hopefully it works out.
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    Valspar Championship - 3/12

    Are any of you maniacs driving around the Palm Harbor area these days? I will be going to the golf tournament on the 12th and will be looking for a ride home to Lutz around 6-7p. I'm hoping to be able to get a Lyft, but will use Uber if I have to. Just trying to see if that seems reasonable...
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    Uber rivals in pact covering half of world's population Uber rivals in pact covering half of world's population
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    Sad truth

    Watch out for low flying planes...
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    Would you let the Beeber ride with you?

    Step 1 - Accept Biebz ride request Step 2 - Activate dashcam Step 3 - ????? Step 4 - Profit.
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    Would you leave puking pax?

    This answers your question. This is how you feel about it, you made the right choice for you. *I would've done the same thing, btw.
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    Full Disclosure: My 1 year income after Uber/Lyft cuts!

    I did it for 3 months, end of June to end of September. Part-time, mostly weekends, some weeks not at all. Driving XL, had more XL than X fares but also drove Lyft and took regular Lyft rides much more frequently than LyftPLUS. My best nights were in the $15-18/hr range, one time I made over...
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    Full Disclosure: My 1 year income after Uber/Lyft cuts!

    $5.60/hr and put 40k miles on the car. Terrible. Literally any other part-time job would be better. Go flip burgers... at least you won't put 40k miles on your car in the process.
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    Driving for uberXL

    (Not in San Diego) If you can currently do Select rides, you're probably better off trying to find a way to get more of them. Depending on when you work, XL rides around here are mostly on weekend nights, possibly around the airport during other times. Select pays better, and XL while paying...
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    Mini-van for Courier and moonlight UberXL

    Find a couple grand more and get the Toyota or Honda. If you're going brand new, the Dodge/Chrysler vans are fine... but at 100-120k miles you're asking for trouble. You'll be doing more than just routine maintenance, there's a reason the Toyota/Honda vans hold their value so much better --...
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    Surge zones almost meaningless.

    The surge zones are a scam. I've been sitting right in the middle of one, gotten a ride from the same zone, and then was told by support that surge is a constantly moving thing, and you can't rely on the maps to tell you where surge is. Yeah, don't rely on their own app, and maps, to tell you...
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    Question?? Dropping of Pax at TIA

    Go to Int'l Plaza or the gas station up on Hillsborough -- supposedly you won't get pings if you're on airport property, it's a FIFO queue system. I've found Int'l Plaza to be good, I just park on the southwest side of the mall in the parking lot and wait, plus you're near a lot of hotels on...
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    Share your first and last Uber rides

    First ride: 2 early-20's ladies going to a country bar, talked the whole way about how they hoped someone hot was there that would "lick it right" Last ride: a young guy and girl picked up from the bars, she's passing out in the back after sloppily making out with dude for the first 5 mins, I'm...
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    Drunk college kid didn't know where she was going, I took her to her parents house

    Maybe if we head on down the street we can find another parade for you to piss on.
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    University of Tampa/The Outpost

    Great, so their ride from the dorms to Hyde Park Cafe is now even shorter since you'll be picking them up at the Outpost. F UT rides.