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    What to do when you trip and spill a drink.

    Find the nearest restroom and fill it.
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    Involved in a 4 car pile up while on my way to pick up a ride.

    You might be liable for the person YOU hit as you didn't leave enough space.
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    Another cool car you'll never get in the US

    Sweet 21 window Bus!
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    Corona memes

    For @Lissetti Found this gem driving on the freeway today. Not really a meme, but found it fitting for this thread.
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    What would ants think about moving pax in a hurricane evacuation?

    Since they took the surge away in times of distress, I doubt anyone can find a driver to come pick them up.
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    Renting Honda Accord 2018- EXL

    Email looks like the same style the scam artists in Craigslist use when selling fraudulent cars. Hopefully this is not the case.
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    2012 honda accord se (111,000 miles) or toyota prius II (103,000 miles)?

    I would take the Prius as you would save more money.
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    Guess no drivers on the road

    What happened from 6:13-7:31? Seems like the algorithm gave you a 1:15 break and then a measly $6
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    Drying out the car seat?

    You might be able to just pop the rear out depending on your car. Then just put a fan blowing on it from the bottom side.
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    Does anyone else wish 4 an audible surge notification?

    I think the app Sherpa did something like this if I recall correctly.
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    Apple face mask 😷

    Apple pie hole
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    Virtual school

    It's funny how people without kids try and tell parents what they should be doing or how to raise a kid. If you're not a parent you simply have no experience in the matter.
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    Pax made me a tiny bit upset for once.

    I'm speaking from first hand experience. It's obvious you're a "Woketard" that has not lived much outside your bubble of a safe space. You're also clueless if you believe a large part of Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys aren't White Supremacist.
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    Virtual school

    WTF? My kids school, the parents have to go into the school website and mark the kids as present or they will be marked absent even if they attend class. Can't the teacher take attendance while doing the Zoom class like they would regularly in a classroom?
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    Pax made me a tiny bit upset for once.

    Here's one example for you. If you don't live in Portland, YOU don't know what you're talking about. Portland has always had a large white supremacist group. They hide under other names such as Proud Boys and...