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    Who’s ready to buy medallions

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    The Mighty Ducks cast calling?

    Yikes! Looks like all those hours of driving are catching up to him.
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    If we don’t die for the virus we’ll die shot

    Or the TLC issued peanut glocks! Stay strapped!
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    Job ideas other than Uber...
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    TLC Plates should go Public

    IPO = Initial Peanut Offering.
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    I'm throwing in the towel.

    Learn how to code.
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    Are you going back to work after this?

    The peanuts await you .
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    Any suggestions about TLC car ?

    Peanut gravy.
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    Apparent suicide of a FHV driver...

    Poor guy, probably couldn’t make rent on the Camry.
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    Welcome to the purge

    Lmaoooo yo they wilding.