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    Have you picked up anyone famous?

    Rosso. I forget his first name. Radio presenter/comedian. I haven't seen him active these days. His wife ordered the Uber. They had a bag, so I went to help get it in my boot and as I did I looked up and saw Rosso. I recognised his face and said 'hey, you're...' and he finished my sentence...
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    Rating on the dashboard look different

    You WERE a high quality partner..... until Uber decided to unilaterally and arbitrarily change the goalposts. Awesome stats btw. 4.92 rating on 1596 trips. I hope to score a ride with you someday when I'm using Uber.
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    Does anyone know what the maximum cancel rate is?

    No I've not noticed any difference. Mind you I only do weekend nights.
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    Does anyone know what the maximum cancel rate is?

    I suggest your imagination does not run so deep. I'll give you my example then. I drive once a week. Sat nights. I had 11 rides in my trip history for that night. 3 of those were cancelled. Of those cancellations, 1 was the rider cancelling, 1 was a rider no show cancel by me, and 1 was a...
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    Does anyone know what the maximum cancel rate is?

    Cool, thanks for the link man. I wonder how Uber define 'high quality' when it comes to cancellation rates.... Especially as they count rider no show cancellations in the aggregate %. Uber must exist in a world where the following apply: 1. All PAX are aware of road rules in regards to no...
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    Does anyone know what the maximum cancel rate is?

    It matters more to Uber than to us drivers. Its another opportunity to manipulate its drivers.
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    Does anyone know what the maximum cancel rate is?

    Yeah, nah mate. I drive and ride with Uber. Drivers cancel on me, I just lift my finger about an inch, and ever so gently, touch the screen to request another one. Barely takes 5 seconds, and probably burnt less than 1 calorie doing so.
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    Does anyone know what the maximum cancel rate is?

    What is the max cancel rate before Uber threatens us with deactivation? I can see my cancellation rate is 15% now with the new Ratings page format. What are your cancellation rates? is mine higher than normal? Gee Uber thanks for meddling around again with the app and showing us information...
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    Here I go

    make sure to familiarise yourself with all of the tunnel around Sydney. You will need to learn where to exit as the GPS will abandon you in the tunnels. Key ones to familiarise yourself with IMO are Cross city tunnel Eastern Distributor They can be confusing as they have multiple exits. One...
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    Sydney Drivers Log

    Avenig, I enjoyed reading your updates. All the best in your future plans.
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    Uber driver finds wallet with $3K, goes great lengths to return it

    I had a girl I picked up from Northbridge along with her friends leave her Apple Watch in the back seat. Their destination was that bar/club that plays horrible music on Falcon St Crows Nest, or 'tha Crowie' as it was referred to. It was only until like the 4th ride afterwards that another...
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    Uberpool I am not thrilled at the prospect of Uberpool, another great Uber initiative. I assume there is no way for drivers to opt out of it when it does launch here eventually..
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    Who is the best pax ?

    A fellow uberx driver of course!
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    Pax no need attitudes

    i wonder if gocar pax are better behaved, as it seems to be newer, and the idiots may not yet have subscribed to it en masse yet... Uber had great pax until it became common knowledge, and the great unwashed idiots joined... Just a theory..
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    Canceled ride then get abuse

    make sure you guys adjust your voicemail so that your personal details are not given out in a prerecorded message, when ignoring calls!