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    Uber vs. Lyft

    Due to an Uber/Chekr mistake, it’s 7-15 business days til I can possibly get help with my account so I’ve been solely driving Lyft for a week. I’m finding this to be unfortunate as I’m like half as busy with Lyft only and it’s really distressing. I know the obvious: Uber’s more popular, being at...
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    Lyft RDU

    I don’t drive much for Lyft but last night at RDU, in the Uber lot, I was second in line for Lyft per the app. Then I was 3rd in line, then 4th so I just left after 10 min of watching myself getting bumped higher in the que. Does Lyft really expect us to wait between terminals? If so, that’s...
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    Gotten Real Quiet Here, has everyone Quit?

    Airport was hopping last night while the ants flocked to PNC. Made some good cheese on good surges until after PNC died, when 45 cars suddenly appeared at midnight. That’s my cue to head home. Weekend was pretty solid too.
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    Rdu is a petty place

    I run RDU almost exclusively on weeknights from 10p til the last flights come in and have never had a problem with the authorities there. Granted, I’m a part timer but the money is good (comparatively), and I love RDU. It’s consistent, rarely more than 1-5 cars in the lot after 11p, close to my...
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    Blank Map

    Same here, it’s the nationwide. Support, per some dude on Reddit, is working on it. Just use Google or Waze and you’ll be good to go
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    How often do you get pings for 45 min+ rides?

    I'm no mathamagician either. Here's my last trip to Greensboro for example. If I can make roughly $25/hr, not including gas, wear & tear...let's say then $20/hr, I'm still coming ahead on the long trips. Yea, I got a nice tip too which counts for a good chunk and is just bonus on top of some...
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    How often do you get pings for 45 min+ rides?

    Understood, thanks for the input. I don’t mind the long rides and do pretty well with tips so I’ll keep taking them as long as it’s not surging elsewhere. I’ve been using the Ubers mostly (Select when busy) and will start switching on the Lyfts to check out their surges. For some reason, just...
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    How often do you get pings for 45 min+ rides?

    So this week I've gotten 4 pings for rides 45 min+. Granted, Sunday night was the end of spring break for Elon University, so that's 3 rides I just happened to get lucky on working RDU. Got a ride from Apex to Greensboro yesterday and was curious how often you all get pings for long rides. I've...
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    45+ min often do you get them?

    How often do you all get pings for long trips? I happened to be working Sunday night, when Elon University came back from spring break, and had 3 rides from RDU to Elon. I know, that was a one-off night but had a ride from Apex to Greensboro yesterday too. Been driving for 8 months on and off...
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    Surge when offline versus online

    Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster and part time driver. I've noticed the past few days that the "surge" says one thing when I'm offline ($7.50 @ RDU or $18 @ PNC, both last night) but as soon as I go online, the surge either totally disappears or changes to 1/3 of what it just said...