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  • I drive when I'm motivated, Overnights and early mornings and I do well. I don't like traffic. Starting to love airport runs
    ended up not driving, got the pop-up from FEB 28 bout agreeing to rates & pool.. went here to find answers first spent a hour online now bed
    And so therefore once again I got deterred from driving and 6 weeks I'm back, I'll try it again. But now see this pool addendum to accept?
    after getting awesome compliments, a week later got complaints of know your directions cuz GPS can be wrong" & you & truck is dirty....
    Ain't drive all week. Really deterred after a complaint. Someone gimme a lil motivation
    I drove 51 miles for 75 mins and made $35. You're welcome.
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    the more i drive the more my rate goes down. no drama, no violence, common courtesty, good convo sometimes. yet rated dumpster, lol whatever
    Oh yea I started back in Jan cuz my temp service screwed me on jobs this is all I got for now to do
    First ride of the night.... Coughing all the way home. More coughs, more speed. Then one min left they want to hit the drive thru. Omg.
    Havent drove in 2 weeks and blew christmas, this industry just aint for me. im pretty much movin on. im done. Im uneasy.
    I was gonna drive tonight, until i couldnt read the new agreement on the phone, so i went home & found this site. Then had to sign up!
    AYE! so im from Chiraq But i only will drive suburbs so far. I aint had a "customer service job" in 10yrs for a reason, but i wanted to try.
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