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    Uber's next business idea: Lending money to drivers

    Uber considers you all share-croppers, in case you have not noticed.
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    Gates 2020!!!!!

    He hasn't the guts for politics. He's a pinhead wonk. Even Lizzy Warren could chew him up and spit him out. Plus, he's, well, ugly, and he has aged poorly. He has a negative chance entering politics.
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    6'th Ave bus lane enforcement.

    This city is run by the tools y'all keep electing. If you vote for them, you got what you voted for and have no right to @@@@@.
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    Great Greguzzi howz it bro

    LOL. Just reveling in the reality that I am no longer desperate enough to have to drive Uber. I come back to the zoo periodically to check on y'all. Some of the names change, but the game never does.
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    Greece is poor AF

    Your grasp of history is weak. The modern Republican party was formed in 1854 out of the ashes of the Whig Party, long after the modern Democrat(ic) Party was formed in the 1820s. Did you even read your own link? It supports everything I am telling you.
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    Greece is poor AF

    No. They were never one party. The Republican Party was formed by former Whigs, with two main mandates being to fight the expansion of slavery and push for abolition. The Civil War was largely the Republican North against the Democrat Confederacy.
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    Awesome 80's music

    What an education to come when someone turns you on to the high - quality stuff from the '80s. Much of the poppy/poopy shit revealed is. d thus far ain't it, though some of is.
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    LYFT Soon To Cut Rates in Seattle?

    I feel sorry for y'all who are still chasing the Uber/Lyft dragon. This was always going to be the outcome. You are just burger-flippers to them. Never mind that you are the only burger-flippers in the history of burger-flipping who are expected to pay the bills to run the griddle.
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    Maybe Uber net had become self-aware and is firing them all?
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    Afghanistan-USA similar history

    LOL @ the fact you think all the US's success is mere happenstance. It is not.
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    My Official Retirement

    LOL. No.
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    So Excited about Vday! BOOM BANG

    Was a party on the viaduct when I drove through about a half hour ago. That viaduct was my fav'rite part of Seattle.
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    Uber Trump vs.Lyft Muller

    Obama was not a centrist. That notion is just dumb. No centrist would say, as Obobblehead did, that he wanted to "fundamentally transform America." He did what Hitler did, and he by lying about what he was all about, and to gain power. I voted for him in 2008, BTW. I got fooled, along with the...
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    Crazy Surge Right Now

    No reason to come here, but then. Our salmon arrives on the same airplanes from Alaska yours does, and maybe an hour earlier. Hell, I that same fish gers to Minneapolis 2 hours later than here.
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    Seattle City Council Kicks the Can Down the Road

    He'll kick off a war with Sierra any second, now. And that pajama boy governor of California will appeal to Mecico for help. Reconquista, esse!